Storm Spotter Training 2024

The annual National Weather Service storm spotter training will be presented in Tulsa on March 16 at 9:00 am. The meeting place will be at the OSU Tulsa auditorium. The training is free of charge and open to the public. More information about this event and others can be found at their website:

Lithium-ion battery fires

Mark, We ham radio ops may need a reminder about the potential volatility of Lithium-ion batteries: Though I have an extinguisher in my shack, it won’t do any good if I’m not present to operate it when needed, and it could be unable to quench a Lithium-ion battery fire. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-

TARC Centenary History

An article appeared in the May 2006 edition of QST: “Tulsa Hams Respond to Hurricane Katrina and Human Storm Surge”, see the file attached to this message. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=- 64cee76036ca2.pdf

TARC Novice CW Net After Action Report 7.4.23

Attached to this message is an after action report of our historic first novice CW net active yesterday evening, for upload to the website. Special thanks to KY5VAR, KI5EGH, and KA6DOY for making it happen. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=- 20230703-TARC-Novice-CW-Net-AAR-W5AWS.pdf

CW for the Hearing Impaired

A Handheld Vibrational Device Delivering CW to Hearing-Impaired Individuals There are many students in our club over the age of 50 that have various hearing impairments. Through the hard and dedicated work of an LICW committee which made an initial haptic prototype, then improved by Bob WO6W, we now have a patent pending effective vibrational CW decoding device. This device is now being made available to LICW membership and the public.  This will also be an interesting aid for those with good hearing because feeling the code creates alternate white matter pathways to the mind which can aid in one’s […]