TARC: DMR System

More info to come on DMR!!!

TARC: DMR System

1. Tulsa SouthSouth of Tulsa, OK442.1625 CC2 (Down)TARC
2. Tulsa CentralCH 8 Tulsa, OK 442.475 CC2TARC
3. MannfordMannford, OK444.4500 CC1TARC
4. MoundsMounds, OK444.850 CC1TARC
5. KeetonvilleKeetonville, OK442.350 CC1W5RAB
6. Ft. GibsonFt. Gibsom, OK442.125 CC1WA5VMS
7. BartlesvilleBartlesville, OK444.475 CC2W5RAB
8. HogshooterHogshooter, OK442.1875 CC1W5RAB
9. Big CabinBig Cabin, OK443.825 CC1W5RAB
10. DepewDepew, OK444.375 CC1WD5ETD
11. Ponca CityPonca City, OK444.750 CC1K5BOX
* = Affiliated Repeaters not owned by TARC

Talk Group TS

Time Slot #1 - Group Call 31095 = US Call Sign Region 5
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 31400 = Oklahoma TAC (for ARES type events)
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 31408 = Oklahoma WX

Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3140 = OK Statewide
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 31401 = OK Central (For Depew and West)
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 31402 = OK East (For Depew and East)
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3140xx = Local repeater group

Talk Groups

  • Local TG 2 – Stays on the same repeater and isn’t routed to any other repeater. This talkgroup stays local to each repeater, so it is not available to hear on the Brandmeister Hose.
  • Oklahoma TAC TG 31400 – This talkgroup is to be used for special event activities. An example of this would be the OKC Memorial Marathon or some other ARES event. This talkgroup should be used on Time Slice 1, and during actual events, the repeater owners will make these static on the repeaters in the affected areas.
  • Central Oklahoma TG 31401 – This talkgroup links the Depew repeater and everything west of there into this channel. This static talkgroup is in Time Slice 2, in the Central Oklahoma Standard assignments.
  • Eastern Oklahoma TG 31402 – This talkgroup links the Depew repeater and everything east into this channel. This talkgroup is a static talkgroup in Time Slice 2, in the Eastern Oklahoma Standard assignments.
  • OK Statewide TG 3140 – This talkgroup links all of the Oklahoma repeaters into one group. This talkgroup is used for the Monday ARES net. This talkgroup is a static talkgroup in Time Slice 2, in the Oklahoma Standard assignments.