Poltergeist or RFI



At the October 2023 in-person meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, Mark, WA5MA, our president, announced that he had been contacted by a desperate homeowner whose kitchen stove electronic controller would periodically become scrambled during the night by transmissions from the nextdoor amateur radio operator. WA5MA asked whether anyone present had experience suppressing Radio Frequency Interference (RFI); apart from the obvious addition to power cords of snap-on toroids, there was nothing heard. WA5MA asked anyone present with ideas to contact him.

Poltergeist or RFI

At that point, we had too little information to know how to respond properly. After all, it could be poltergeist, in which case the homeowner would need a priest with bell, book, and candle to perform an exorcism instead of helpful Ham with a bag of toroids.

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