Nov 11 NTS Net

We had 9 check-ins, passed one piece of traffic.  As I took the traffic and AE5ME did find me after the net (he was driving in from out of town during the net), I passed the message on to him after the Tulsa ARES net ended.  He will then send via WinLink toward the Dallas Local Net representative who will deliver the message on-air probably on the early net in Dallas on Friday evening.  Had that opportunity not been available, I would have taken the message to the 7290 Traffic net, which I join weekly on 7290 LSB from 10am […]


Busy net tonight. 10 check-ins. 3 pieces of traffic listed by three different individuals. Of those messages, two were passed on toward their destination. One station sending traffic to the North Texas STM (section traffic manager) in response to his trivia game. Good stuff! Thanks to everyone who participated. Everyone is always welcome.

Aug 26 NTS Net

12 check-ins, 2 messages handled between KG5ZZV and AE5ME who was acting as a liaison  to the WinLink system. I introduced Ray K5CFY who will be my guest NCO next week, with my thanks to him!  I’ve had contact with Mark Kleine regarding some folks in Norman wanting to get into traffic handling and doing it in digital modes, I told him I really don’t have additional time to devote to that personally, but he should (and apparently did contact Jeff AE5ME).  As they get going, I’m hoping they will send a liaison via the Edmond repeater (if they would […]

AUG 12 NTS Net Recap

We had 15 check-ins, including a WinLink liaison station who brought one message to me personally. We had an excellent question from a newly licensed ham who wants to do things to help the community, but was wondering what he can do with his limited range and is technician license.  I let him know that the UHF Link system covers about 50,000 sq miles and he can help with anything in that coverage area.  Giving those folks something new (old) to do is one of my primary goals with the net.  If we have a communications emergency in all or […]

AUG 5 NTS Net Recap

It was pretty light tonight at 8 check-ins.  I did an introduction to NTS and the Radiogram form, hopefully addressing people that have joined the net recently.  Jeff AE5ME brought traffic over from Winlink, where he has apparently been talking on other nets about the traffic net (thanks Jeff).  The message to me was a congratulations on starting the traffic net and a request for information on how I did it.  I sent a long reponse by email, but I will send a short response by NTS also as everyone likes to get those back.  I fielded a good question […]

July 15 NTS NET Recap

15 check-ins, 1 piece of traffic handled and I’m taking that to the 7290 Traffic Net on Saturday to get it headed in the right direction. Didn’t have much for Q&A, so I talked a little more about voicing and then did a very small amount on ARL Numbered Messages.

July 1 NTS NET Recap

I had 14 check-ins to the Superlink Traffic Net tonight. Passed one message. Answered questions, explained the NTS briefly again (as new people check in every time) and retold my current best example situation where NTS could have been used (but I don’t know if it was, I need to check).

June 29 NTS NET Recap

We had 12 check-ins, one with NTS traffic. We handled 2 pieces of traffic on the net. I did a brief presentation on Handling Instructions in the Radiogram header, an example of ARL Numbered Message (specifically ARL FOURTY SEVEN, used to report deliver failures) and then a little bit about delivering NTS traffic to non-NTS aware hams and to members of the general public via phone.

June 22 NTS NET Recap

10 check-ins tonight. I was holding a message to California from last week, so I relisted that and I also am holding a service message back to the originator explaining the message delay and I’ll keep trying. Although that station did not check in, I transmitted that message anyway as “copy practice”.

June 17 NTS NET Recap

We had 9 check-ins, 2 pieces of traffic listed, 1 piece passed and one piece the recipient didn’t check in, so I took that message to the Tulsa ARES net and delivered it there (pretty sure that surprised the NCO, Ray).