Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, Inc.


All officers of the club shall be full or family members and hold a valid amateur radio license.

President – it shall be the power/privilege of the President to make such committee appointments as are necessary to carry out the business and basic purposes of the club.

Vice President – he/she shall preside at any meeting from which the president is absent. He/she shall be the Chairperson of the Programs Committee.

Second Vice President – he/she shall, in addition to the duties outlined in the constitution, be Chairperson of the Membership Committee.

Secretary – it shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the original copies of the constitution and by-laws and have the same with him/her at every meeting. He/she shall cause all amendments, changes and additions to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by members upon request.

Treasurer – it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all moneys and, in cooperation with the club’s secretary, notify the membership when their dues are due and handle all other financial matters affecting the club not specifically covered in the constitution. Expenditures that exceed $300 must be voted on by the membership. Amounts under $300, the Executive Board can approve.

Public Service Liaison Ofllcer – it shall be the duty of the Public Service Liaison Officer to coordinate all communications with ARES, RACES and all civil, governmental, or charitable organizations so requesting such communications/assistance from club members or other volunteers. He/she will establish written policies and procedures regarding the above organization interactions. The Public Service Liaison Officer will perform such duties as directed by the Executive Board and have voting membership within the Executive Board. The Public Service Liaison Officer will serve a three (3) year elected term set forth in the constitution.

Trustee – the Trustee will perform all duties as outlined in the constitution and appoint Alternate Trustee(s) to serve the club and assist in the maintenance of the club station(s) and properties. The Trustee will serve a three (3) year elected term set forth in the constitution.

For more information, see Constitution: Officers and Constitution: Duties of officers.


Full Membership – shall be open to all persons promoting an interest in amateur radio and desiring to further their interest by participation therein. Full members must possess a valid and current amateur radio license. Application for membership may be submitted at any regular club meeting or to the clubs designated address.

Family Membership – shall be open to those members of the immediate and dependent family living with a full member, except that children of a full member shall no longer be eligible for family membership after they have reached 21 years of age. Only family members holding a valid amateur radio license shall be eligible to vote or to hold office.

Patron Membership – shall be granted to any persons or organization(s) not defined as a full or family member, who wish to support the club, and includes all club privileges except the right to vote and/or hold club office. Removal of a Member – any member may be removed from the club for: a) conduct deemed unacceptable to the club, b) conduct deemed unacceptable to amateur radio practice. Termination shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board and a majority vote of a quorum (excepting that member so affected) cast by secret ballot at a regular club meeting.

For more information, see Constitution: Membership.


Dues shall be $20 per year for each Full Member and each Patron Member. For Family membership, dues shall be $10 per year per person as defined in Family Membership. Membership cards, properly signed, shall be given to all members each year and shall serve as a receipt for all dues paid.

For more information, see Constitution: Dues.


Meetings shall be held at a time and place designated by the Executive Board. A minimum of nine (9) business meetings shall occur during the club’s calendar year. All business pertaining to the club shall be handled at this time. The President shall have the power to call special meetings in the event of an emergency affecting the club and/or its members. Notification of a special meeting shall be by the most expedient means available at the time, telephone, radio or mail.

For more information, see Constitution: Meetings.


Nominating Committee – the President shall appoint a member not holding a position on the Executive Board to serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee three (3) months prior to the annual election of officers. The member so appointed shall have the power to appoint a sufficient odd (uneven) number from the club membership with the intent of recommending a state of officers for the upcoming year to the club membership.

By-laws Conmittee – the President shall appoint a By-laws Committee Chairman immediately following the annual election. The Chairman so appointed will select an appropriate representation of committee persons from the membership to insure that club business is conducted in accordance with accepted bylaws. The By-laws Committee will also propose any necessary updates to the constitution and by-laws to assure compliance within.

Constitution and Bylaws adopted November 9th, 1993
Vince Moore, N5RFW, President
Richard Morgan, WB5IQS, Secretary
Amended November 18, 1997