QST…QST…QST…The November meeting date has changed. We’ll be meeting on November 14th and at the top of the agenda is club officer elections. Please come out to the meeting and support the officers who give so much of their time and effort to make TARC active and success-ful!!! Thanks! Can you believe it !!! This year is almost gone and then we’re into 2024! On January 1st we can officially celebrate the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club’s 100-year anni-versary!!! We have documentation that dates back to 1924. See the at-tached photo from the Affiliated Clubs section of the May 1924 QST. […]

President’s Corner October 2023

In case you missed it… There were 41 at the last TARC meeting on September 19th and it was a meeting packed with lots of good stuff! We sort of semi-wrapped up Route 66 on the Air. Since it had just ended the previous Sunday, by the meeting on Tuesday not all the logs were in and results had not been tallied, however, preliminary results showed that there were over 1,800 contacts made. The final results will be shared at the October meeting. Andrew W5AWS wrote an e-mail to David Minster NA2AA, the Chief Executive Officer of the ARRL in […]

Presidents Corner September 2023

This summer… has been an awesome time for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club! We made the cover of July QST Magazine… Paul Teel WB5ANX also had an article published in the July QST in the Public Service section, “Using APRS at Public Service Events” and Andrew Shead W5AWS had his article published in the September QST, “Portable Operations at Chandler Park”. Congratulations to you two for a couple of great arti-cles! If you get a chance please read the articles and give a pat on the back to Paul and Andrew! In case you missed it… The annual TARC Ice […]