ARRL Members – Field Day Survey

Make sure to check your email for an important Field Day Rules questionnaire that went out! Due to everyone’s favorite virus, COVID, the Field Day Rules were changed for 2020 and 2021. The question is whether those new rules should apply to 2022 Field Day or perhaps should be made permanent. To find out what our Members want, rather than what a committee in a Galaxy far far away might want, the ARRL’s Programs & Services Committee has created a survey for the purpose of finding out what YOU would like the Field Day Rules to be. Read More HERE […]

Watch: John Stratton, N5AUS ARRL West Gulf Division Director Presentation

John Stratton N5AUS’ Presentation If you were unable to join the ARRL West Gulf Division Director John Stratton N5AUS at Saturday’s SCARS meeting, or you need to pick up something you missed, we have this presentation recorded for you to watch at your leisure at As a Division Director, John is our elected representative on the ARRL board of directors and serves on the ARRL Executive Committee and on the new Emergency Communications and Field Services Committee (EC-FSC). He talked about the many changes that are happening at ARRL headquarters and what is coming down the road.

USB Straight Key Adapter – W5AWS

Having discovered that the X Window based Morse tutor program, xcwcp, is capable of interpreting keyed CW that it receives, I wanted to use a straight key instead of the computer mouse or keyboard. Also, I wanted to avoid needing to learn how to write a device driver to receive input from the straight key through the USB port, then find out how to get xcwcp to recognize the new input device. Read the whole article by downloading the pdf.

Boy Scouts Council Camporee 2021

Paul and I didn’t know what to expect when our two separate paths collided with the same goal of introducing the ham radio hobby to young men, women, boys, and girls of the Indian Nations Council. We had a vision to try and do two events this year but we would start with one that we know some scouts would already attend. So we set the bar low at one scout on the air and we ended up with 27! But the small feat of just getting the TARC trailer out to John Zink Ranch was the easy part. We […]

Texoma Hamarama – CANCELLED

Dear Hamarama Friends, Supporters and Participants, We are unfortunately going to have to postpone the October Hamarama one more year. We do not take this decision lightly. There has been a good deal of anguish, stress and conversations covering everything from low pre-registration to COVID to shortage of manpower and time. There is no one single person or problem and we neither assign nor accept no blame. The CORA group was willing to help and we greatly appreciate that, but in retrospect, we needed a full year to work together if that is what we were going to do. We […]

Ham radio operators make a difference in disaster, ready if called for Ida

Video courtesy of News Channel 8 – KTUL, Lily Cummings.   TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Many in Louisiana are still without power and cell service following Hurricane Ida. But one form of communication that’s been helping folks for decades, ham radio, is still able to make those vital calls. Ham radio isn’t reliant on WiFi or cell service. Just devoted operators. Paul Teel, an emergency coordinator for Tulsa County and part of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, said when he checked Monday more than half the state of Louisiana was without cell signal. Thankfully, by Tuesday around 80 percent had signal, but […]

New Classifieds!

Take a moment to check out our classifieds section on the website! We have two new listings posted today! Take a look and see if you need Yaesu Ft-2800M or an Astron RS-35a! Ham Classifieds  

Are You Contesting, or Calling a Net?

Written by: Gregg, W5GGW Are you Contesting, or Calling a net? An Amateur Radio Operator calling CQ during a contest on a frequency that was available for their use operates very much like a net control operator. They select the stations that they will work next, and control the traffic on that frequency. Learning to be a net control-operator is one way to learn more about contesting and to familiarize yourself with the concentration levels that are necessary when a ‘pileup’ occurs and you have lots of calls thrown at you. Emission Modes and Carriers The FM radios that we […]

Ham Radio Outlet coming to Tulsa?

To all hams in the Northeast Oklahoma area… If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Ham Radio Outlet store in the Tulsa area, now is your chance to vote for one. Alan Sales, K5ADS is a former HRO employee and does carry some pull to have a store added here. He’s already sent a proposal to HRO Corporate. They need to hear from as many hams as possible confirming there is serious interest. I’ve already cast my vote for Tulsa! Please vote after you finish reading this e mail. Here is the e mail that I received from Alan Sales, K5ADS. […]