W5AWS Mast Mounting

After portable operations, Saturday, 16 December 2023, at Heyburn WMA, POTA K8124, where I spent what felt like too much time erecting my inverted-V EFLW antenna, I identified some changes to improve my efficiency at getting on air. i. Add a keychain split-ring to the masthead to stop the top section dropping out of sight and becoming unreachable when the mast is vertical. ii. Replace the masthead fitting with a stainless steel carabiner. iii. Use a drive-on mast mount instead of guying to tent pegs. Read the full document at the link below drive.proton.me/urls/NC6ZDT2BV0#CFgiMn1IFeVX Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-

TARC Novice CW Net After Action Report 7.4.23

Attached to this message is an after action report of our historic first novice CW net active yesterday evening, for upload to the website. Special thanks to KY5VAR, KI5EGH, and KA6DOY for making it happen. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=- 20230703-TARC-Novice-CW-Net-AAR-W5AWS.pdf

End Fed Long Wire Antenna

By: W5AWS Motivation From the point of view of efficiency, tuning an antenna to resonance at the fre-quency of transmission makes sense in that it ensures maximum transfer of power, which is all well and good until we QSY to another frequency, forcing a need to re-tune or acceptance of the impedance mismatch and reflected power in the feed-line. An End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) is an antenna that is a half-wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation, making the odd and even harmonics of the fundamental frequency available across the bands for which it is designed to work; even so, an […]

Buddipole Versatee Tripod Adapter

by W5AWS Needing a portable antenna, I decided to try the Buddistick system from Buddipole (https://www.buddipole.com/). It works well, but since I operate portably rather than at the end of a long portage, I wanted to use a photographic tripod in conjunc-tion with a Versatee to give me a little more flexibility in configuration. View the PDF Here  

W5AWS Feeler Gauge Key

As Hamsters, we are always on the lookout for a better mousetrap. Specifically, a better way of sending CW. About the only way to find out what works best is to try operating with various keys, consequently I suspect that CW aficionados have several keys in their collection as I have. While riding along with Mike, KI5EGH, during the 2022 Tour de Tulsa bicycling event, when we were one unit of nine with the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club who provided SAG radio coverage of the various routes, our conversation turned to CW operation. I was intrigued by Mike’s mention of […]


Shared from W5AWS This video is a useful explanation of the various DeoxIT cleaners and lubricants, including CRC QD and Maxpro, and their use:  

Jackery Explorer 1000

Recently I purchased a Jackery Explorer 1000.  Ive been running a few experiments to see what I would be able to run at home, and one of them was to see how well things performed using the Jackery to power the ham gear. So, on TWOsday, 2/22/22 (sorry – I had to throw that one in) I tuned into the TARC net using the Jackery for power. The radio equipment I have is an Icom 7100 with an Alinco DM-330MV power supply (see attached).   The power supply, by itself, pulls about 10 watts of power on average.  Turning on […]

W5AWS Dual-Band Slim-Jim Antenna

Hearing good quality communications from a station using an N9TAX Labs (https://n9taxlabs.com/) Slim-Jim Dual-Band antenna for 2 m & 70 cm during a TARC Net, and considering the good words said about the antenna by Jack, W5JHC, and Mark, WA5MA, I decided to acquire and test one myself, the Slim-Jim being relatively inexpensive. Another aspect of this test was to prove that erecting the antenna is easy and can be done anywhere that the antenna can be hung from one end. Read more about my experience here.

Tape Measure VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna

Content & photos from our friends at W5NOR.com One of the most fun amateur antenna projects is a PVC measuring tape antenna. The flexible measuring tapes make it easy to transport, and the PVC comes apart to make it even easier to carry. This type of antenna works well for direction finding in games like a fox hunt or when you need just a little more gain to hit the repeater. This design is an adaptation of the wb2hol tape measure project. Joe’s site has many details regarding the derivation, pattern, and gain properties of this antenna. Materials Needed 6′ WI-FI […]