Club History

February 12 1990 HF Team Contest


ARRL QST Issue May 1924

Attached is a copy of the May 1924 excerpt listing the Tulsa Council now known as TARC. 19240500-QST-Notice-of-TARC-Affiliation

1933 – Amatuers To Meet

Article snip from the American Saturday Night paper. 19330603-TARC-Sponsors-Statewide-Convention

1933 – Radio Amateurs to Convene in Tulsa

The 1933 ARRL Oklahoma State Convention will be held here on June 17 and 18, in conjunction with the fifth semi-annual joint meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club and the Ponca City Key Clickers Club. Registration headquarters will be on the mezzanine floor of the Alvin Hotel. The fee…Read More

1933 – The Oklahoma State Convention Report – Tulsa (West Gulf Division)

THE Red Laequer Room of the Alvin Hotel in Tulsa, June 16th and 17th, was busy as a bee hive when the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club staged | a real convention. Guests from all over the state were cordially greeted by President John Douglas. Howard Hamilton, convention manager, showed his…Read More

1966 – Tulsa Council of Amateur Radio Clubs at International Petroleum Exhibition


Nov 13 1967 Election Meeting

19671113-TARC-Meeting-Minutes 19671113-TARC-Meeting-Attendance-Register

January 8 1968 Meeting Poster

Meeting Poster  19680108-TARC-Meeting-Poster.pdf

March 1 1968 – Tulsa Council of Amateur Radio Club Status


March 8 1968 Quickie Exam


June 10 1968 Meeting Poster


July 8 1968 Meeting Poster


January 30 1982 Special Committee Membership Minutes


June 8, 1982 Field Day Hold Harmless Agreement


June 14, 1983 Hombrew Contest Rules