TARC Field Day 2023

2023 Field Day Logo

2023 Field Day Logo

Items with a ? in front of the text means we aren’t quite there yet… This event page is an evolving target for the next few weeks so please come back often!!!!

TARC Planning

Date: 6.24-25.2023
Location: Chandler Park Shelter #2
Chairs: W5JHC Jack
Committee Chairs:
? Operating Status: 7A

?Bands: (80,40,20,10,6)
Talk IN: 145.110
Simplex local :145.110

Muster: 9:30am 6.25
Safety Meeting: 9:45A (ISH)
Setup: Noon 6.25
Start Time: 1pm 6.24
End Time: 1pm 6.25
Tear Down: 11am 6.25
?Camping: bring your tent!

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ARRL Field Day on the fourth full weekend of June every year is the opportunity for thousands of amateur radio enthusiasts throughout the U.S and Canada to set up temporary communications stations and make contact with like-minded people. Licensed radio operators (often called “Hams”) spend the weekend practicing community outreach, emergency preparedness, and technical skills. It’s basically radio heaven.

A contest is held each year with individuals, clubs, and teams trying to make contact with as many stations as possible over 24 hours. Field Day will take place on June 25 and June 26 with over 35,00 people expected to take part. It begins at 18:00 UTC Saturday and runs through 20:59 UTC Sunday. Pack your camping equipment, throw up some temporary antennas, and spin the dials on your radio, because this not-to-be-missed event is rich in history, tradition, and technology.

All hams or non-hams are invited and you don’t have to be a club member to participate. The staff will assist you in getting on the air and teach you how to operate. You don’t have to be licensed to operate.

NB: EVERYTHING below this line was from last year.. it is a place holder for the info above… so … stop reading now 🙂


Logging Lead:
Safety Officer:
Dinner: 6PM (RSVP Required)
FREQ/Filter Coordinator:
GOTA Station Lead:
INFO Booth Lead:
W1AW Bulletin:
NTS Message:
Rules Specialist:

Parking: Club members please do not park in front of the Gazebo, we have RSVP spots and we are leaving spots open for the general public who might stop by. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Please use the parking lot adjacent to the community center.

Educational Activity:
Movie: 9PM – Contact? Spaceballs? Goonies???

Schedule Of Events


1pm – Transmitter Operations Begin & Open to General Public

  • ?

2pm – Radio Direction Finding “Fox Hunt” Demonstration

  • ?

3pm – ?

  • ?

4pm – ?

5pm – Winding down of Open Events

  • ?

6pm – Dinner


8am –



Noon –

1pm –


Helpful Data

Field Day Packet
Field Day Rules
W1AW Schedule
ARRL Section Checklist
? Who’s In Control
? Safety Officer Checklist
? TARC Table Assignments & Maps
? TARC FD Flier
? FD Prep List
? Job Duties
? FD Presentation
? RF Safety Calculator



Enter the total boxed meals you would like (ie, you plus your spouse). 0 means you will not be attending.
If you plan on working late night or overnight at the park please choose yes
Depending upon the amount of filters and frequencies in use we may have to limit the use at certain times.
Above are many of the areas that the club needs help. Some positions are all day, but all can be split up into 2 hour shifts. So the more things you check the more things we can delegate around to each other so we all can have fun!
Any thoughts, questions, or comments please feel free to post them here.


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