Membership Renewal Time!!

It’s time for membership renewals! Take a quick moment to see if your name is on this list and if you see your membership expiring in 2023, then it’s time to start the renewal process. We have made this process easy for those that just want to pay online! Just click the link below to send in your credit card payment via paypal! If you still want to snail mail the check to us that is ok too! Follow the link below to fill out the form to send in with your check!

QUICK NOTE: The proposal placed before the meeting is that anyone joining the club and paying the annual membership fee before October 31st will pay again on April 1st six months later. Anyone who joins the club after October 31st will pay again on April 1st, eighteen months later.

When do I need to renew? – Visit the Membership List!

Want to pay by credit card – Visit our pay pal section!

Want to pay by check – Visit our snail mail form!

New Membership? – Visit our online registration form!

You can also visit us in person at the Green Country Hamfest event to pay your dues in person!

Membership Level Reminders


Standard Membership is $20/yr. You have to sign up and create an account per call sign.


Standard Membership plus 1 family member is $30/yr. You have to sign up and create an account per call sign (we will reach out to you on this after you sign up.)

Standard Membership plus 2 family member is $40/yr.

Standard Membership plus 3 family member is $50/yr.

(The concept for family is 20 for the primary user and 10 for each user after that.. )

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