TARC Net Checkins

Bixby MARK (nc) Tulsa EM25bx Tulsa ANDREW (log),(op) Tulsa EM26ad Bethany JAMES Oklahoma EM15el MANNFORD REMELL Creek EM16uc Guthrie ETHAN Logan EM15hs TULSA DON Tulsa EM26cc S LAKE TAHOE ZACH El Dorado DM08aw Broken Arrow KEVIN Tulsa EM26cb Tulsa STEVE Tulsa EM26aa Tulsa ROBERT Tulsa EM26ad Tulsa DAN Tulsa EM26ba TULSA PAUL Tulsa EM26ab Tulsa DAVID Tulsa EM26ad Tulsa GREG Tulsa EM26bd Mulhall JAMES Logan EM16hb Stillwater WARREN Payne EM16la JENNINGS KENNY Pawnee EM16qe Oklahoma City DAVID Oklahoma EM15fn Sapulpa PAT Payne EM16ld Tulsa STORM Tulsa EM26bd Bixby SHAWN Tulsa EM25av Edmond JAMES Oklahoma EM15fo TULSA ROBERT Tulsa EM26bc Coweta […]

TARC Meeting Minutes – July 2022

Andrew, W5AWS, Secretary. On Tuesday, 19 Jul 2022 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club meeting to order in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. WA5MA introduced the club officers present then requested round-robin introductions of the members present. WA5MA asked whether anyone doesn’t receive the newsletter. Nothing heard. WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last month’s meeting. Nothing heard. Steve, KI5UGG, moved to approve the minutes as written; Lloyd, K5OSB, seconded; the minutes were approved by acclamation. WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the […]

TARC Net Checkins

1 WA5MA OK Bixby 2 W5AWS OK Tulsa 3 AG5SL OK McAlester 4 KI5QBA OK McAlester 5 KI5RHL OK Bethany 6 KI5VME OK Guthrie 7 KC5MJE OK JENNINGS 8 KG5CTY OK Sapulpa 9 KN6QCJ CA S LAKE TAHOE 10 KI5WDD OK Tulsa 11 WB5ANX OK TULSA 12 K5CAY OK Tulsa 13 KB5VDA OK Tulsa 14 KB9ZWI OK Broken Arrow 15 KA6DOY OK MANNFORD 16 WA5VXI OK TAHLEQUAH 17 KI5UPS OK Mulhall 18 AD5YI OK Stillwater 19 KX5MOT OK CHANDLER 20 KI5VLZ OK Oklahoma City

TARC Net Checkins

Bixby MARK (nc) Tulsa EM25bx Tulsa ANDREW (log),(op) Tulsa EM26ad McAlester JAMES Pittsburg EM24cw McAlester JASON Pittsburg EM24cw Bethany JAMES Oklahoma EM15el Guthrie ETHAN Logan EM15hs JENNINGS KENNY Pawnee EM16qe Sapulpa PAT Payne EM16ld S LAKE TAHOE ZACH El Dorado DM08aw Tulsa ROBERT Tulsa EM26ad TULSA PAUL Tulsa EM26ab Tulsa DAN Tulsa EM26ba Tulsa GREG Tulsa EM26bd Broken Arrow AARON Tulsa EM25cx MANNFORD REMELL Creek EM16uc TAHLEQUAH MANUAL Cherokee EM25lt Mulhall JAMES Logan EM16hb Stillwater WARREN Payne EM16la CHANDLER JON Cleveland EM15ge Oklahoma City CHRIS Oklahoma EM15eo

New Ham Radio Programming

By Paul, WB5ANX Have you recently passed your tech license and bought an HT that you don’t know how to program? You are not alone. Field Day 2022 debuted a radio programming opportunity and about half dozen new hams show up with their radio to be programmed. There was even one couple studying to take their ex-am that bought an HT and did not know how to pro-gram it. Steve Childers, KF5VCQ, built a small list of 53 repeater and simplex frequencies that comprise a good starter list. I put that list into Chirp, free programming software, to enable an […]


Did you go to this years’ TARC Field Day or did you miss it? Yes, I know it was hot and humid, but it was still one of the best Field Days that I’ve been to in a long time. There were 43 participants repre-senting 5 different clubs including the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club and we had 13 visitors including Mark Conklin N7XYO ARRL Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator and Mark Kleine N5HZR ARRL Okla-homa Section Manager. Check out the w5ias website for pictures of this years’ event. If you missed Field Day 2022 you missed a good one. There were […]

TARC Net Checkins

Column1Column2Column3Column6Column7 1 WA5MA OK Bixby MARK 2 W5AWS OK Tulsa ANDREW 3 KI5QBA OK McAlester JASON 4 KI5VME OK Guthrie ETHAN 5 KG5CTY OK Sapulpa PAT 6 KI5RHL OK Bethany JAMES 7 KG5MEH OK Broken Arrow KEVIN 8 KN6QCJ CA S LAKE TAHOE ZACH 9 KA5MOD OK Tulsa PAUL 10 K5CAY OK Tulsa DAN 11 KB5VDA OK Tulsa GREG 12 N5DMK OK Tulsa DAVID 13 KF5VCQ OK Sand Springs STEVE 14 KI5URM OK Owasso BRIAN 15 N5DGF OK TULSA DON 16 KC5MJE OK JENNINGS KENNY 17 KI5RHN OK Oklahoma City NICHOLAS 18 KI5SPG OK Stillwater JAMES 19 AG5SL OK McAlester […]