June 3 NTS NET Recap

The first meeting of the Superlink Traffic net was successful held and we had 17 check-ins, 1 piece of traffic was holding to go out, but we had no takers to handle that traffic. Which is to be expected on the first net.

Net participants asked a number of good questions and I did my best with answers. I also did some presentation on what the NTS is about and when it might be used. I also talked about my Field Day plans for handling traffic from Chandler Park as part of the TARC group. Paul KB5ANX checked in and we discussed ARES and NTS working together and demonstrating that during Field Day. I’m very excited to do that.

Please join us weekly on Thursday nights from 7pm until 8pm. This net meets on the TARC UHF Linked Repeater System (aka The Superlink), frequencies, offsets and tones are available on the W5IAS.com web site.

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