Nov 11 NTS Net

We had 9 check-ins, passed one piece of traffic.  As I took the traffic and AE5ME did find me after the net (he was driving in from out of town during the net), I passed the message on to him after the Tulsa ARES net ended.  He will then send via WinLink toward the Dallas Local Net representative who will deliver the message on-air probably on the early net in Dallas on Friday evening.  Had that opportunity not been available, I would have taken the message to the 7290 Traffic net, which I join weekly on 7290 LSB from 10am – noon on Saturdays.  They actually meet 6 days a week, but only Saturday is possible with my schedule.  I’m hoping we can gather some additional participants who wish to take traffic from the Superlink net on to 7290 or one of the Texas traffic nets or CW traffic nets or whatever so we can improve our connectivity and redundancy over time.

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