URGENT…TARC October Monthly Meeting

QST, QST, QST…The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club monthly meeting on October 19th will be in Keplinger Hall, Room 2005 at 6:45. The room is large enough to accommodate 60 to 65 people so there is room for social distance. Wear your mask if you feel uncomfortable. Talk in is the 145.110 repeater. See you there.

The President’s Corner – September 2021

The TARC Tuesday night net is going strong and we’re averaging 25 hams checking in every week. It seems there is always either a new ham that just got their license or someone new to the net. Either way, we’re glad to see and hear lots of new activity on the repeaters. The current topic has been “What can I do on the air as a Technician Class license holder?” We may be continuing that for several weeks judging by the participation and lots of good questions! The September 21st TARC meeting will be held at the TCC campus (remember […]

The President’s Corner – August 2021

Portable Operations Is On The Horizon!!! Last years’ Field Day was…well…you know…kinda discouraging, but this years’ Field Day was much better and from that many club members are looking at doing a lot more portable operations. The last club meeting was all about portable and we had several club members bring out their radios and antennas to show, myself included. You can see some pictures on the TARC website at w5ias.com or on the club Facebook page. Thanks to all those who came out to see…all 30 of you! We’ve not had attendance like that in a long time! Thanks! […]

What Is Field Day?

Great question !?!?! Here is that official video to help get that information into your hands.. Scroll down to the bottom once done and check out our event page often as we keep posting new info!     TARC Field Day  

5.11 Informal Net Follow-up

All, I thought I would do my best to write down some of the things that were discussed OTA on the net. DATES 5.15- TRO Copland Classic 5.18 – TARC Meeting @ TU 5.22 – Tulsa Tough Practice RUN ?? 6.13 – Tulsa Tough Event 6.26 – Field Day Paul Young, KE5EHM, from the TRO is looking for a few more SAG personnel to help out at the Copland Classic this weekend. If you are able to help please reach out to ke5ehm@tulsahamradio.org and let him know you can help. Great discussion and information from all hams that participated on […]

Web Wish

We want your input! Seriously, take a few minutes to tell us what we are missing and what you would like to see online. Want some more in depth on how HF works? Lost in the maze of DMR , AllStar, and Fusion? Let us know where we can spend some time on focusing on web content for everyone to grow! Need more events or get togethers? This is your club so don’t just think about what’s going on the web… Those breakfast clubs get a posting on here as well!