5.11 Informal Net Follow-up

All, I thought I would do my best to write down some of the things that were discussed OTA on the net. DATES 5.15- TRO Copland Classic 5.18 – TARC Meeting @ TU 5.22 – Tulsa Tough Practice RUN ?? 6.13 – Tulsa Tough Event 6.26 – Field Day Paul Young, KE5EHM, from the TRO is looking for a few more SAG personnel to help out at the Copland Classic this weekend. If you are able to help please reach out to ke5ehm@tulsahamradio.org and let him know you can help. Great discussion and information from all hams that participated on […]

Web Wish

We want your input! Seriously, take a few minutes to tell us what we are missing and what you would like to see online. Want some more in depth on how HF works? Lost in the maze of DMR , AllStar, and Fusion? Let us know where we can spend some time on focusing on web content for everyone to grow! Need more events or get togethers? This is your club so don’t just think about what’s going on the web… Those breakfast clubs get a posting on here as well!

Sell your stuff!!

Want to sell some of your old ham gear or just looking to buy something? Get your posting on the TARC site for free! Items posted here are from other area hams just like you and we are just trying to help. We got our first item up on the list so why not get your stuff listed!!!! Bookmark our classifieds page and check back often!    

TARC Weekly Net 5.11

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, May 11th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. This week Paul Young, KE5EHM will be discussing the Copland Classic bike ride and we’re going to discuss what you want to see and do for TARC Field Day 2021. The new and improved TARC website is up and running and if you haven’t already checked it out you can do so at www.w5ias.com. Take a look before Tuesday and let us know what you think. Any input will be appreciated. The TARC website is designed for you!


As you can probably tell, we have launched a new website… so we definitely have been busy getting things moved around. Take some time to poke around and if you think you found a mistake use the Found a Mistake link at the bottom of every page and send it to us; even if you want us to add something or change something… It’s there so we can get you the information you need.. AND yes, we know we will see a lot of these as we grow this site out.. Send on.. Just give us some time to get […]

Texoma Hamarama

New events posted!!!! This is one of those events that has to be written about! Texoma Hamarama This year the Ham Holiday crew, CORA, will be teaming up with the Texoma Hamarama crew to put on an in-person two-day hamfest on October 22 and 23, 2021 in Ardmore, OK. This hamfest has been running for 74 years and it will be the largest hamfest in Oklahoma for 2021. Make your plans to see us there. MORE INFO – /events/texoma-hamarama/