The President’s Corner – August 2021

Portable Operations Is On The Horizon!!!

Last years’ Field Day was…well…you know…kinda discouraging, but this years’ Field Day was much better and from that many club members are looking at doing a lot more portable operations. The last club meeting was all about portable and we had several club members bring out their radios and antennas to show, myself included. You can see some pictures on the TARC website at or on the club Facebook page. Thanks to all those who came out to see…all 30 of you! We’ve not had attendance like that in a long time! Thanks!

So if you’re one of those that’s excited about doing some portable work, mark you calendars for August 28th. The shelter at Chandler Park that we used for Field Day 2020 (shelter #3) has been reserved for us to set up and operate. We’ll start about 1 PM and finish up whenever we’ve had enough. Of course, that’s weather permitting.

If you were one of the 30 at the last meeting, you know that I passed around some questions in a survey. Listed below are the questions and the results.

Do you have VHF/UHF equipment? 24 Yes 0 No
Do you have HF equipment? 13 Yes 9 No
Is checking into different area nets your thing? 20 Yes 4 No
Do you like to contest? 7 Yes 14 No 3 No response
Is chasing DX your thing? 7 Yes 12 No 5 No response
Interested in POTA / SOTA / Satellites? 11 Yes 5 No 8 No response
What is your current interest in Ham Radio? Responses included:

FT8, CW, QRP, Special Event Stations, all digital, satellites, project building, ham radio software apps, retirement hobby and I love the hobby.
What would you like to do with Ham Radio in the future? Responses to this question were as varied as the previous question, but lots of interest around do-ing more on HF.

Are you an ARES Volunteer? 9 Yes 15 No
Would you like to be an ARES Volunteer? 3 Yes 10 N 2 Maybe

Contact Paul, WB5ANX at if you want to join.

Are you a badged OKMRC Volunteer? 5 Yes 18 No 1 No response
Are you a VE? 5 Yes 16 No 1 Would like to be 2 No response
Are you interested in getting more involved in club activities? 15 Yes 6 No 1 Maybe 2 No response

I’ll be sending out the survey questions to the rest of the club members and if you have a few minutes to respond I’d appreciate it and you just might discover something you didn’t know about the hobby or about some others that have the same interest!
There certainly is a wide variety of interest among club members and if you can’t find something of inter-est about ham radio, you’re not looking hard enough! ??

August 28th is the Maker Faire and if you can’t make it to the portable ops at Chandler Park that day, go to the Maker faire. The TARC Comm trailer will be there and this year it’s all indoors in air conditioning! E mail Steve, KF5VCQ at if you’re available to help or if you just have a question about what the Maker Fair is all about.

I have 3 TARC club T-shirts that were ordered and have yet to be picked up. If you want a shirt, I have an order going in soon so let me know if you want one.

The TARC Tuesday night net is going strong with 25 hams checking in last week including several first time check ins.
The August 17th TARC meeting will be the ICE CREAM SOCIAL!!! Location is the first shelter on the left as you enter Chandler Park. Talk in is the 145.110 repeater.

The September 21st TARC meeting will be held at the TCC campus (remember the battery demonstration? Same campus). Wes Lee with the Oklahoma Mesonet Network will be discuss-ing the mesonet system and how it works. There is a mesonet site at the TCC campus. A must see if weather is your thing! Talk in is the 145.110 repeater.

Route 66 on the Air is scheduled for September 11th through the 19th. This is TARC’s chance to be on the receiving side of a pile-up. Thanks Greg for reserving the W6L call for us. The Tour de Tulsa is scheduled for October 2nd. Should be nice and cool this time of year!

Opportunities to help promote ham radio and TARC
We’re still looking for Net Control Operators and Loggers for the TARC weekly net.
If you have an idea for a program at a club meet-ing or for the Tuesday net, let me know! Nothing is off the table.
Check out the TARC website at and see what’s new. Pictures of Field Day and the portable equipment from the last club meeting have just been added and we’re looking for pictures from other TARC events. If you have some gear you’d like to buy or sell, you can do that on the website as well.

Are you a new ham or maybe don’t have your license yet? Go to, Join, New Ham Roadmap for help.

Be safe, be a good friend, get on the air!

Mark WA5MA

President Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

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