TARC History

1981 seems to have been a low point in the life of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, judging by the the surviving records. In November 1981, some old business about having a club flag was held over until the next meeting and never heard again. See the minutes attached to this message. Recently, we finally acquired a club flag; proposed by Remell, KA6DOY, and realized by Mark, WA5MA. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-


Know someone who would like to get their Ham license or upgrade to General or Extra… Your chance is coming up on August 5th, 10 AM at TU’s Keplinger Hall Room 3140 (same location as our monthly club meetings). David N5DMK and the TARC VE team do a fantastic job of running the exam sessions and can have you in and out with a new license or upgrade in less than 2 hours. If you miss this one your next chance to attend a license exam session will be October 7th. Start studying today!!! Do you like the new TARC […]

TARC Centenary History

An article appeared in the May 2006 edition of QST: “Tulsa Hams Respond to Hurricane Katrina and Human Storm Surge”, see the file attached to this message. Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=- 64cee76036ca2.pdf

TARC Minutes of Meeting – July 2023

On Tuesday, 18 July 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. You can download the agenda for the meeting via this link: drive.proton.me/urls/JX7B8ACM3W#xaMHwxziqYRP WA5MA introduced those officers of the club who were present then requested round-robin introductions of the company; 27 persons added their names to the attendance register, a copy of which you can download via the following link: drive.proton.me/urls/6TFEFNGKEG#p4bOJcfr5Rhm WA5MA asked if any club members present are not receiving the club newsletter. Nothing heard. WA5MA asked for […]