TARC Minutes of Meeting September 2023

On Tuesday, 19 September 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.
You can download the agenda for the meeting via this link:
WA5MA introduced those officers of the club who were present then requested round-robin introductions of the company; 41 persons added their names to the attendance register, a copy of which you can download via the following link:
WA5MA asked if any club members present are not receiving the club newsletter. Nothing heard.
WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last month’s meeting. Nothing heard. Ed, W1PN, moved to approve the minutes as written; Jack, W5JHC, seconded; the minutes were approved by acclamation.
WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the financial report. Nothing heard. Ed, W1PN, moved to approve the financials; Ky, KY5VAR, seconded; motion approved by acclamation.
WA5MA postponed news of the ARRL and ARDC grant programs due to the absence of Bart, N5TWB.
WA5MA asked Andrew, W5AWS, about club badges.
W5AWS directed attention to some club badges clipped to the whiteboard awaiting collection by badge owners, telling attendees who want a badge to send an email request to w5aws@arrl.net, or ask in person. Cost is $2 each.
W5AWS yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA read an email sent by W5AWS to David Minster, NA2AA, ARRL Chief Executive Officer and Secretary, in response to the lead article in QST Magazine written by NA2AA, and the reply received from NA2AA. The following URL points to a copy of the communication.
Burden of the email was to demonstrate that amateur radio clubs are the backbone of the hobby. While reading the email, WA5MA thanked the individuals who lead each club activity mentioned.
WA5MA summarized activity by the club in support of Route 66 On The Air, and said that currently, W6L made 1223 contacts, a number that will rise to 2000 once we include all logs from our operators. Anyone can find pictures of the event on the club FaceBook page. Remell, KA6DOY, took some pictures at the Cyrus Avery Centennial Park where we operated from the club trailer, Comm-1; this URL links to Remell’s pictures:
WA5MA asked Paul, WB5ANX, to summarize the bicycle events.
WB5ANX said that each year our club supports six bicycling events, of which the Dam J. A. M. covers the largest area and the most challenging geography for radio communications. This year, the Dam J. A. M. enjoyed the support of twenty-five ham radio operators who served as safety observers, Safety And Support vehicles, ride-alongs, or, new for this year, drive-alongs where the trainer drove while the experienced operator gave instructions and handled communications.
WB5ANX said too that this year was the first time we employed mobile digipeaters, which worked as planned. Previously, WB5ANX said that if mobile digipeaters didn’t do any good then that would be the last we heard of them; so it seems that mobile digipeating is successful.
WB5ANX said that generally, everything went well, and expressed appreciation for the operators involved who volunteered their time and expertise.
WB5ANX asked Paul, KE5EHM, about the MS100 bike event.
KE5EHM said that it went well and that the club covered the area from Avant to Bartlesville. Bob, W5RAB, interjected saying that the MS100 is very well-organized.
WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA asked Steve, KF5VCQ, to summarize the Maker Faire event.
KF5VCQ said that the Comm-1 trailer attracted a lot of visitors with a long line of young persons waiting to make their first on-air contact, and more than twenty visitors who gave their email addresses requesting further information. KC5VCQ thanked: David, K5TZS, for guiding the new persons into making their first radio contact; and Lloyd, K5OSB, and Jack, W5JHC, for being the remote operators.
KF5VCQ said that one young teenage boy waited for a long time for the traffic ahead of him to clear so that he could try the radio. W5AWS interjected saying that he thinks he talked to that person and made sure that the lad took a copy of How to Become a Ham Radio Operator away with him; W5AWS said that he saw the boy walking slowly away while reading carefully what he held in his hand, so we may see him again one day in the future.
KF5VCQ said that he received a communication from the Oklahoma State Tax Commission Special Events about filing a sales tax report.
KF5VCQ said that he passed the information to our treasurer, Jerry, KE5PMK.
KE5PMK said that the issue was resolved after several telephone calls to the tax commission in Oklahoma City when KE5PMK made it clear to the tax official that no money changed hands; the tax official filed a null report on our behalf and closed the issue.
Someone from the floor commented, which KE5PMK affirmed, that we should never ignore inquiries from state officials, especially when money is involved. KE5PMK said don’t panic and ask the treasurer for advice.
KE5PMK yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA invited Dave, W5PPA, to talk about the Scouting Jamboree On The Air (JOTA).
W5PPA distributed a JOTA flyer, a copy of which you can download via this URL:
W5PPA said that he has been involved with the Scouting program for a very long time, but only recently became a licensed ham radio operator.
W5PPA is the organizer of the JOTA 2023 that will happen on Saturday, 21 October 2023 at the Jack Graves Scout Reservation from 0900 hrs until 1500 hrs in Broken Arrow, which is located at 101st & County Line Road.
W5PPA said that this being his first major event as the lead ham radio operator, all help is desired and welcome. So, step up and lend a hand by contacti W5PPA by telephone at 918-645-2095 or via email at dave.medrick@cox.net. From the floor Jeff, AE5ME, volunteered to assist during the event.
Relieved that someone seemed interested, W5PPA yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA talked about the nascent club YL/XYL group being led by Linda, KI5VYF, with involvement by Megan, K5MEM. There is a long history of YL groups that date back to 1939, and there are lots of YL nets around the country, including one on the Mayes County VHF repeater. As a club, we support everyone.
WA5MA asked Ky, KY5VAR for an news of the CW Nervous Novice Net.
KY5VAR said that the net is going well and that yesterday we had a check-in from W5GUS in Dallas, and that it is a boon for those wanting to get into operating on CW. W5AWS interjected that we’ve also had an op from Pacific, MO, check-in, and that despite the noise, W5AWS was able to hear everyone on the net, all this with a QRP rig into a mag. loop antenna inside a house.
KY5VAR encouraged anyone with even a mild interest in CW to join the Nervous Novice Net on Monday evenings at 1900 hrs on 7.037 MHz. Speed is 10 wpm but ops will adjust to accommodate any speed around that number.
KY5VAR yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA invited Paul, WB5ANX, to talk about the Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) and the upcoming Simulated Emergency Test (SET).
WB5ANX said that our use of APRS is an ongoing development, but that generally we have seen successful use of the system.
WB5ANX said that the SET is scheduled for 7 October 2023 and that interested ops should check-in to the Thursday night ARES net, details for which you can find on the Oklahoma ARES web-site at this URL:
James, KI5DAZ, said that some experimentation with Rattlegrams will happen.
A Rattlegram is exchange of SMS texts acoustically coupled via a transceiver. “This open source app is available for Android phones (an old phone may work). With the app running, the phone is placed next to a VHF/UHF FM transceiver, where it listens for the incoming hash of a text message. The phone hears the hash and magically turns it into a text message on the phone’s screen. To send a message, you type it into the phone, key the radio and then hit send on the phone. You can also test this with two Android phones, running Rattlegram side by side.” See this URL for more information and a link to the originating web- site in Germany:
WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA invited Ky, KY5VAR, to display the new HF Go-box.
KY5VAR asked Ian, KC9THI, to describe the provenance of the Go-box.
KC9THI said that they were at the Hamfest in OKC where they encountered a ham selling a Go-box built around an Icom IC7200. The deal was too good to pass up, so they made the decision to buy the system after testing to make certain that it worked. The rig is MARS capable, so users must be cognizant of the where on the spectrum they are operating.
KY5VAR said that they tested the rig at Haikey Creek. You can see some video clips and pictures here:
KY5VAR said that he has tested it extensively for the last couple of weeks, saying that it is an ideal radio for newcomers since everything is on the front panel. There are no complicated menus. Overall, the radio is rugged and needs to be used by club members.
KC9THI said that the radio will be in care of the club quartermaster.
WA5MA said that Paul, KE5EHM, had volunteered to be the quartermaster.
KC9THI said that there will be a check-out process and that interested users should speak with KE5EHM.
WA5MA regained control of the meeting and asked for any other business.
Richie, W5OKL, said that Green Country Hamfest is looking for ideas and material to use as door prizes, and planning for the next Hamfest scheduled for 11/12 April 2024.
W5RAB moved that we adjourn the meeting; seconded by KC9THI. Approved by acclamation.
Meeting adjourned at 2030 hrs local.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-
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