Presidents Corner September 2023

This summer…
has been an awesome time for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club!
We made the cover of July QST Magazine…
Paul Teel WB5ANX also had an article published in the July QST in the Public Service section, “Using APRS at Public Service Events” and Andrew Shead W5AWS had his article published in the September QST, “Portable Operations at Chandler Park”. Congratulations to you two for a couple of great arti-cles!
If you get a chance please read the articles and give a pat on the back to Paul and Andrew!
In case you missed it…
The annual TARC Ice Cream Social took the place of the August in person meeting at TU. We met at Chandler Park and It was a beautiful even-ing, temperature in the low 80’s with about 35 hams there for some ice cold ice cream, with top-pings!
Here’s a few pictures from the event…
Thanks goes out to Bart N5TWB for picking up the ice cream and toppings!
The Maker Faire was another success this year… August 26th was the Maker Faire at the Tulsa Fair-grounds. Steve KF5VCQ brought in the trailer on Fri-day and we had it set up in quick fashion.
The rest of the set up was done on Saturday morning and as you can tell by the pictures there was plenty of help and many people stopped by to see what was on the table and to get a chance to make a radio contact.
We’re trying something new…
Introducing the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club YL Group!
There’s a part of this great hobby for everyone and one part that we’ve missed has been a YL Group. I’ve had conversations with Linda KI5VYF as well as some others and they think it’s a wonderful idea and so do I.
So…I’m asking club members and others for a show of interest and to let you know that we will be dis-cussing the YL Group at the next TARC meeting on September 19th 7 PM at Tulsa University’s Keplinger Hall Room 3140.
We would love to have all the YL’s show up and help us put this together!!! We’re already working on some awesome ideas!!!
If you have any questions or concerns…or any ideas for the new YL Group please let me know and we hope to see you on the 19th. My e mail is or call me at
918 845 7606
Something else that’s new…
TARC now has an HF Go Box and that’s all I can tell you right now! We’ll be doing some field tri-als soon and doing a demo at the September 19th meeting. It’s really a nice set up.
Come and check it out at the meeting!
The Nervous Novice CW Net is going strong and growing…
When Ky KY5VAR asked me if he could bring his HamVee to Field Day and have a CW only station I said sure…on one condition. That condi-tion was that after Field Day he needed to start a CW net. He agreed and off he went! I never im-agined that the Nervous Novice CW Net would be growing as fast as it is. Some of the first par-ticipants that were doing slow CW are now mak-ing contacts because of the practice on the net and the encouragement of the operators.
Check it out on Monday evenings at 7 PM on 7.037 +/- QRM.
Do you Know someone who would like to get their Ham license or upgrade to General or Extra… Your chance is coming up on October 7th, 10 AM at TU’s Keplinger Hall Room 3140 (same location as our monthly club meetings).
David N5DMK and the TARC VE team do a fantastic job of running the exam sessions and can have you in and out with a new license or upgrade in about 2 hours.
If you miss this one your next chance to attend a TARC license exam session will be in 2024!
Start studying today!!!
Do you like the new TARC badge? See Andrew W5AWS and bring $2.00.
As always, monitor the Superlink Repeater System when severe weather is forecast…
As we’ve seen recently, storms and strong winds can be here year round, so please monitor the Superlink System for the W5IAS Weather Watch when severe weather is forecast. Frequencies for the repeater in your area can be found at, click on Re-peaters and scroll down to
TARC: Wide-Area Link System.

Photo courtesy of Tyler Layne Photography
Coming to the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in 2024…
2024 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Tul-sa Amateur Radio Club. I know it’s more than a year away, but we can start planning now. It’ll be here before you know it! Got any ideas about how we can celebrate? Maybe a special event station? Ham banquet? What’s your idea?
We’re still looking for Net Control Operators and Loggers for the Tuesday night TARC Net. To save time we’re using NetLogger more now for check ins so if you’d like to give it a try let us know and we’ll be happy to show you how easy it is and how you can help your club stay strong and active. Start small and when you feel comforta-ble, move on up to other duties.
No pressure…just fun doing ham radio!
Thanks going out to those currently doing the logging and Net Control!
The Tuesday TARC Net is going strong… We’re averaging 40 check ins between NetLogger and over the air check ins.
We give signal reports, answer ham related ques-tions, give announcements of upcoming ham ra-dio events and activities and we even have time for some trivia!
Both, Ian KC9THI and Grant KC1KCE are doing a great job as net control!
Speaking of the Tuesday Net…
Don’t forget about Club Spotlight! If you belong to a club and have an event coming up, you need operators for an event, you have a hamfest or just
want to talk about your club or your station, you can have 5 – 10 minutes on the Tuesday net to reach any-one listening on the SuperLink Repeater System. Just let us know, it’s that simple.
Every month is a contest month…
Pick a Contest…any Contest! Go to, click Contest Calendar, scroll to Contest Corral, click on the month you want to check.
Try POTA or SOTA! Call CQ! Go to a local park, throw up a wire and get on the air!
Route 66 on the air is coming up in September so get ready to operate at W6L on Saturday, September 16th. Location to be determined, however we’re looking at Haikey Creek Park where we held Field Day. This is a fun event and it’s your chance to be on this side of a pile up.
Upcoming events…
Route-66 On The Air, locations to be decided later. DamJam Bike Ride will happen on Saturday, Septem-ber 9th.
MS100 Bike Ride date to be determined.
Due to conflict with a TU football game we’ve had to postpone the next Ham University that was scheduled for September. A new date has yet to be determined.
If you’ve read this far…
in the TARC Newsletter, thank you! I try to make it interesting reading and give lots of important club in-formation on past and future activities. Maybe you’ve
seen a re-occurring theme in this newsletter about volunteers and volunteering your time, experi-ence and knowledge to help others in the club that are just starting out or returning to the hobby after a long absence. Many things are new, and many things have changed over the years. We have over 175 members with different interests, and we need your help to keep that interest alive and the club growing!
As was said earlier in the newsletter, all the club activity shows that there is a lot happening with TARC and that the club depends on its members to exist and thrive.
Send me an e mail with your interest and how you’d like to help your fellow hams at, and have some fun yourself!
The next regular meeting…
of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club will be Septem-ber 19th 7 PM at TU’s Keplinger Hall Room 3140. We’ll be discussing the new TARC YL Group and a demo of the new TARC HF Go Box. See you there!
Be safe, Be a good friend, Get on the air! Mark WA5MA
President – Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

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