TARC Minutes of Meeting June 2023

On Tuesday, 20 June 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.
WA5MA welcomed new attendees and those who are working to get their Technician license.
WA5MA requested round-robin introductions of the company; 29 persons added their names to the attendance register two of whom were aspiring licensees. Andrew, W5AWS, handed aspiring hams Dave and Jay each a paper explaining how to become a ham radio operator, a copy of which is attached to these minutes. A copy of the attendance register is attached to these minutes too.
WA5MA asked if any club members present are not receiving the club newsletter. Nothing heard.
WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last month’s meeting. Nothing heard. James, KG5EWK, moved to approve the minutes as written; Ned, N5JHB, seconded; the minutes were approved by acclamation.
WA5MA noted the absence of Treasurer Jerry, KE5PMK. Bob, W5RAB, moved that we accept the treasurer’s report as published in the newsletter; Gregg, W5GGW, seconded the motion; motion approved by a show of hands.
WA5MA asked Bart, N5TWB, for news of the grants program.
N%TWB said that revision of the grant applications and updates are delayed by the recent wind-storm. Another attempt is in the offing with help from Mark Klein, N5HZR, our ARRL section manager; also, an application to the Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), using the same format.
N5TWB yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA asked Andrew, W5AWS, about club badges.
W5AWS held up an example of the club badge, attached to these minutes, telling attendees who want a badge to send an email request to w5aws@arrl.net. Cost is $2 each.
W5AWS yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA said that he is getting ready to submit another order for club T- shirts.
WA5MA said that since Paul, WB5ANX, is absent, we’ll wait until next time to hear about the bicycle events. N5TWB said that he was Net Control and could summarize.
WA5MA yielded to N5TWB.
N5TWB said that the Ride to Remember Black Wall Street went well with about 100 riders.
N5TWB continued, saying a ride is planned for Muskogee to recognize the five historical black towns in Oklahoma, and that the club was approached to provide course support. N5TWB said that he was non- committal since we have little infrastructure in that part of the state and are short of resources. Someone asked about the Muscogee club and someone else said that the president of the Muskogee ham radio club is Connie Marshall.
Regarding the Tulsa Tough, N5TWB said that start was delayed by two- hours due to weather and, as a result, the 100-mile route was abandoned, which pushed those riders onto the shorter courses. N5TWB said that the storm resulted in a many flat tires which consumed SAG resources and forced some changes in routing. N5TWB said that the new Tulsa Tough coordinator assigned to Comm-1 was very impressed with our organization and how smoothly the way things went.
N5TWB said that the Dam Jam event is anticipated again this year, and that there will likely be some routing reorganization though not to the Century route.
N5TWB said that the MS100 event between here and Bartlesville will be along the same route.
N5TWB yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA called upon Jack, W5JHC, to give a briefing on Field Day operations.
W5JHC talked us through a short slide presentation, highlights of which were that Chandler Park is still closed after the wind-storm that passed through Tulsa early Sunday morning, 18 June. We will announce an alternative plan on Friday, 23 June.
W5JHC said that we will be logging operations using the N3FJP software.
W5JHC said that our club callsign will be W5IAS and our operating mode is 7AOK.
W5JHC directed us to the web-site for the latest information:
W5JHC yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA said that next year is our 100th anniversary of the club. Bob, W5RAB, asked about the club historian. W5AWS said that he had assumed the role. W5RAB asked if W5AWS had all the historical data. W5AWS said that he had received a box of material from Jerry, KE5PMK, who is the treasurer, and that Steve, KF5VCQ, told him that there is material in the file cabinet in the Comm-1 trailer. Attached to these minutes is a map showing the state of amateur radio as of May 1924.
WA5MA mentioned the 13 Colonies Special Event on 1 through 7 July. Remell, KA6DOY, provided a handbill, a copy of which is attached to these minutes, and a framed certificate that WA5MA drew attention to at the front of the room.
WA5MA asked KA6DOY about Ham Rescue. KA6DOY gave a brief overview and urged anyone needing help to make contact with the principals involved. More information is on the club web-site:
WA5MA urged those present to monitor the Superlink system during severe weather. Ian, KC9THI, said that he was able relay a message to the Emergency Operations Coordinator (EOC) who then got help to people trapped in a shelter by a fallen tree.
WA5MA said that the next meeting is on 18 July 2023 here in Room 3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.
WA5MA passed a deck of cards listing the club logo, Superlink, and local area repeater frequencies for those present who wanted a few.
WA5MA passed a stack of club stickers to those present for anyone who wants to take a few.
Paul, KE5EHM, said that the Tulsa Repeater Organization (TRO) donated $100 in support of the Field Day dinner.
WA5MA asked for a motion to adjourn: Ian, KC9THI so moved; Jack, W5JHC, seconded; motion carried by stampede for the doors.
Meeting adjourned at 2015 hrs local.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-

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