TARC Meeting Minutes May 2023

On Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called
to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of
Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.

WA5MA welcomed new attendees and those who are working to get their
Technician license.

WA5MA requested round-robin introductions of the company, 40 persons
who added their names to the attendance register, four of whom were
aspiring licensees, and one GMRS operator aspiring to join the ranks of
Amateur Radio operations.

WA5MA asked if any club members present are not receiving the club
newsletter. Nothing heard.

WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last
month’s meeting. Nothing heard. Ed, W1PN, moved to approve the
minutes as written; Paul, KE5EHM, seconded; the minutes were approved
by acclamation.

WA5MA yielded the floor to Treasurer Jerry, KE5PMK, for news about our
financial status.

KE5PMK said that the club received the first $500 donation from Conoco
Philips; we can expect the second donation later this year. The
liability insurance is renewed, as will the insurance for the trailer
that must be itemized by equipment covered.

KE5PMK said that out of a total 204 club members, 146 have renewed
their membership, leaving 58 members to do the same before Field Day.
After Field Day, any lapsed memberships will be removed from the

KE5PMK yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the financial report.
Nothing heard. Someone moved to approve the financial report;
another seconded; the minutes were approved by acclamation. Apparently,
Secretary, W5AWS, failed to make note of the call-signs involved in the
approval process.

WA5MA said that since N5TWB is absent, we will postpone news of the
ARRL Foundation Clubs and ARDC Grant programs until next month.

WA5MA asked Andrew, W5AWS, about club badges.

W5AWS held up an example of the club badge, telling attendees who want
a badge to send an email request to w5aws@arrl.net. Cost is $2 each.

KA6DOY yielded the floor to WA5MA.
W5AWS yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA called upon Ian, KC9THI, for a summary of the VHF/UHF University

KC9THI said that the event went well and fulfilled a need, comments
from the floor confirmed that it was very useful and worth doing again
in the future.

KC9THI yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA called upon Paul, WB5ANX, to give a summary of the recently
completed Tour de Tulsa bicycle rally.

WB5ANX said that overall the event went very well and, as always, we
learned how to address new aspects of the event. In particular, WB5ANX
read a very complimentary email received from an bicyclist involved in
a crash caused by two dogs that ran into his path, who was rendered
assistance within minutes of hitting a dog and falling from his
bicycle. WB5ANX said that this is exactly why we provide Safety And
Gear (SAG) coverage of bicycling events.

WB5ANX said that other bicycling events are scheduled for: May 20th,
Cop Land Classic; June 3rd, Ride to Remember Black Wall Street; June
10th & 11th, Tulsa Tough. Though the first two events are fully
subscribed for SAGs and ride-alongs, the Tulsa Tough needs twelve SAGs
for Saturday and about six SAGs for Sunday; go to the W5IAS web-site,
find the events page and sign-up to be SAG or ride-along.

WB5ANX said that there are other events that need participation in the
OK Medical Reserve Corps that require a background check. Read all
about it on the www.okmrc.com web-site and contact wb5anx@arrl.net if
interested in participating.

WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA recognized Remell, KA6DOY.

KA6DOY offered kudos to Ky, KY5VAR, for his entertaining presentation
to the club last month concerning his POTA adventure in Little Sahara
State Park.

WA5MA turned to the main topic of the meeting, preparation for Field
Day 2023 on the weekend of June 24 & 25 operating for 24 hours
beginning at 1300 hours on Saturday.

WA5MA asked: What is Field Day all about?

Gregg, W5GGW, said that Field Day is all about practicing radio
operating skills in an ad hoc environment, off grid, while at the same
time having fun doing so. It is about emergency preparedness.

Ian, KC9THI, said that it is also about gaining points making contacts
for the club and competing nationally with other clubs.

WA5MA said that the club has Shelter #2 booked at Chandler Park for
both days where we operate three to seven transceivers on battery and
standby generator power. The wireless exchange will be brief and power
limited to 100W: Example exchange — TX = W5IAS FD x 3; RX = 5AIL; TX =

WA5MA asked which call-sign we should use. Some discussion ensued
between W5OK and W5IAS.

WA5MA asked for a show of hands in favor of W5IAS. The majority were in
favor of W5IAS. One hand showed in favor of W5OK. We will use the club
call-sign W5IAS.

WA5MA asked Steve, KF5VCQ, when he could bring the Comm-1 trailer to
Chandler Park. KF5VCQ said that he would arrive at 1000 hours.

Ian, KC9THI, said that he would conduct a crash-course on Field Day
operating procedure beginning at 0900 hours, ending at 1000 hours in
time for attendees to witness readiness of Comm-1 with an opportunity
to tour the facility before official start at 1300 hours.

Ann, K5AEB, will operate the GOTA station, providing third-party
experience contacts for unlicensed persons, and persons who are
licensed making their first on-air contact. K5AEB will share GOTA
station operations with other ops willing to relieve her during the
operating period.

James, KI5DAZ, said that he would try to coordinate WinLink activity
with Jeff, AE5ME, at the Rogers County Wireless Association (RWCA).
Paul, WB5ANX, indicated that he planned some operations with WinLink,
as did Dan, K5CAY.

Some discussion arose about operating overnight at Chandler Park. WA5MA
said that Park Security usually gives us a key to unlock the gate if
needed during the night. Overnight operation will depend on the weather
and those who have RVs or other temporary shelter, and operator

WA5MA said that a barbecue dinner is planned for Saturday night at
about 1800 hours, provided by club funds and the good offices of Steve,
KF5VCQ who will collect the vittles from Rib Crib in Sand Springs.
During the day, attendees should provide their own lunch and snacks.

Gregg, W5GGW, said that attendees should come with enough water to keep
hydrated during the heat of the day. Usually, about a gallon or so.

Ian, KC9THI, said that the HF, VHF and UHF Universities were also
envisioned as Field Day preparedness.

Gregg, W5GGW, said the Field Day is all about encouraging operation in
a non-judgmental environment, involving the US & Canada. It is about
being relaxed and having fun learning how to operate effectively by
making and correcting mistakes.

Someone asked about a talk-in frequency. WA5MA said to use repeater
145.110 as the talk-in frequency.

KC9THI asked Paul, WB5ANX, whether he can be prepared to program
handheld radios with the repeater frequencies for anyone who needs
help. WB5ANX indicated that he can support this activity.

One thing not mentioned during the meeting is scheduling. Last year, we
had a schedule of events that happen during specific time slots. We
expect the same thing this year. A schedule helps the flow of
activities and relieves the persons supporting the activities to do
other things instead of being always available.

Someone asked about logging. WA5MA said that we will use the N3FJP
logging program. W5GGW said that he will have a thumb-drive with N3FJP
installed that he can load on computers as needed.

Someone asked about CW operation. Ann, K5AEB, is a CW operator; as is

Remell, KA6DOY; and Mike, KI5EGH. CW operation will depend on who is
present and willing to operate. We didn’t reach a conclusion about CW,

Discussion turned to the question of generators.

W5GGW owns the large 10KW generator that we used last year and,
apparently, it needs a new muffler.

The only low-noise, both acoustic and RFI, solution is the generator-
inverter units manufactured by Honda. The small EU2200i Honda models
are light enough to make lifting and moving relatively easy, but they
aren’t big enough alone to run Comm-1 radios and air conditioning

WA5MA said that our plan this year is to run the Comm-1 air
conditioning from shore-power and the radios from the generator.

The Honda generator that we have been using belongs to Steve, KF5VCQ.

Honda EU2200i generators have the ability to be connected in parallel

to provide enough power to run Comm-1 completely.

WA5MA recommended that the club buy a Honda EU2200i that we can connect
in parallel with other EU2200i generators owned by club members.

NOTE by W5AWS: Some early and later Honda models are incompatible in
parallel operation. See the Honda information sheet attached to these
minutes –https://w5ias.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/EU2200i-EU2000i-Parallel-Operation.pdf

Steve, KC5VCQ, said that he would donate a parallel cable kit to the

Some discussion ensued about the fuel used for the generators. General
consensus is that propane is the safest most convenient option.

Ann, K5AEB, said that she converted her Honda generator to run on
propane, using a Hutch Mountain conversion kit:


WA5MA asked for a motion to buy a Honda EU2200i generator and propane
conversion kit: Paul, WB5ANX, moved that we do so; Ed, W1PN, seconded;
motion approved by general acclamation.

WA5MA asked Steve, KF5VCQ, to make the purchase that amounts to about

Bob, W5RAB, said that he would donate a 20lb bottle to the club filled
with propane. Also, W5RAB said that the club could buy a second
generator next year for air conditioned comfort off-grid in Comm-1.

NOTE by W5AWS: A side-issue about air conditioning is reduced heat-
stress on the electronics.

WA5MA said that the club has received an unserviceable Yaesu FT-991
that the donor said the club can have when repaired. WA5MA said that
Robbie, W5RML, is seeing what needs doing to make it work.

KC9THI said that a working FT-991 would release one of the IC-7300
radios for use in a Go-Box.

Some discussion ensued about funding of Field Day. WA5MA said that
since we aren’t doing any prizes this year, inflation will offset the
reduced cost.

Jerry, KE5PMK, said that last year we allocated $1,200.

WA5MA said that this year we will spend more on food for the Saturday
evening dinner, and thought that about $1,000 would cover Field Day

WA5MA asked for a motion to approve Field Day funding: Ky, KY5VAR moved
that we allocate up to $1,000 to Field Day expenses; Ed, W1PN,
seconded; approved by general acclamation.

We discussed the need for and duties of a safety officer. Paul, WB5ANX,
and Paul, KE5EHM, volunteered to share the role of Safety Officer,
using the ARRL safety checklist.

Ian, KC9THI, asked about grounding. W5AWS said that Shelter-2 has a
water standpipe that could serve as a ground, also the ground around
the standpipe is damp, so a ground-rod should work too.

WA5MA asked about a Public Information Officer (PIO).

Ian, KC9THI, volunteered to be the Field Day PIO.

Andrew, W5AWS, suggested a public service announcement about Field Day
on Public Broadcasting station KWGS, FM89.5.

There was some discussion about Scout Troops getting their radio
badges. General consensus was that it would be too involved for a Field
Day activity. However, a troop would be welcome to visit to see what
happens during FD.

Bob, W5RAB, told Mark, WA5MA, to hurry-up and conclude the meeting.

WA5MA asked for a motion to adjourn: Ed, W1PN moved to adjourn the
meeting; Paul, KE5EHM, seconded; motion approved by general exodus.

Meeting adjourned at 2030 hrs local.

Minutes respectfully submitted by
Andrew, W5AWS.

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