Sand Springs Christmas Parade 2022

Written By: Andrew, W5AWS

We were seven marshals for the Sand Springs Christmas Parade: Bart, N5TWB; Mark, WA5MA; Remell, K6DOY; Mike, KI5EGH; Kenny, KC5MJE;Paul, KE5EHM ; and Andrew, W5AWS.

There were 105 floats divided into ten divisions. N5TWB was net control on the 145.110 repeater, and assigned us to our places along the staging area. As usual, things became more chaotic towards commencement of the parade, but things went smoothly with everyone in position within five minutes of start.

There was a chill wind earlier that declined as the sun set and the skies cleared.

Good to be with the team this evening. Last year was my first. This year I was better prepared with a neck reading light that made reading the sheets much easier and me a little more visible:

This flashlight helped later to direct traffic and see signage:

Both lights have Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable via USB.

My Yaesu FT-65 HT with a Diamond SRJ77CA antenna and a speaker-mic had plenty of volume, easily adjustable by the knob on top of the radio, using one hand, which beats the FT-70D that needs two hands to adjust volume. I had an earpiece with me too, but didn’t need it.


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