Dam Jam 2022

By: Paul Teel WB5ANX

Dam Jam 2022 was a huge success.  This was the 31st year of a widely supported bike event in North East Oklahoma.  25 ham volunteers provided the communications and safety support.  We had really great weather too.  In the pictures are the group photo, a pic of the command post trailer with ~45 ft mast in the background, NCO’s Dustin and Austin, APRS NCO’s Paul and Ben, and one of the APRS operations trucks that helped set up the digipeaters for the day.  We also had 5 ham ride-alongs this year learning the ropes of what it means to be a SAG.  THANK YOU ALL!

A message from the Dam Jam organizer:  Special shout-out to all of the NE Oklahoma area amateur radio operators who provided route support at DAM J.A.M. 2022 yesterday. Your many hours of work to improve the technology, strategize your service delivery, and execute at the highest level, were top notch. I’m proud of the professionalism you bring to make our SAG support the best it can for our riders, year after year. Thank you!  Jim Beach, W5URF

In the group photo (from right to left):

Mike Toole (KI5EGH), Jereme Supry (KI5HAE), Dustin Dye (AB5C), Austin Clarke (KI5FEM), Tej Vuligonda (KI5WGP), Marianne Kennedy (N5MMK), David Kennedy (N5DMK), Jim Beach (W5URF), Ian Duncan (KC9THI), Andrew Shead (W5AWS), Mark Adams (WA5MA), Dan Belcher (K5CAY), Bill Perkins (W0HOH), Robert Moreland (W5RML), David Siebert (KF5YZW), Bart Pickens (N5TWB), Ben Joplin (WB5VST), Paul Teel (WB5ANX). Not in the picture but there serving; Paul Young (KE5EHM), Don Ferry (N5DGF), Rick Frey (W7REF), Steve Murtha (K5MOD), Larry Alijets (KI5UIF), Daniel Clark (W0JNB), Brian Gnad (KB5TSI).

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