Sorry I missed the May meeting…but Jack did a great job filling in for me! Thanks Jack!

The current roster on the website shows that there are 153 paid members. Most are paid through April 2023, a few are paid through 2024 and some are paid beyond that. I say this for 2 reasons.
1) You have until Field Day to pay your dues or you will be removed from the roster and your access to the website.
2) We are an active and thriving club! Some clubs would love to have half of the membership that makes up the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. It’s not just one person, but a group of hams that enjoy a great hobby! How-ever, this or any other club won’t survive without support from its’ mem-bers and we are asking for your help and support!

Our current 1st Vice President, Jack W5JHC is coordinating Field Day this year and he has some fantastic ideas for Field Day events and activi-ties! Can you help with an event? Can you provide support for an event or activity? A big THANK YOU to those that have already signed up!!!

I’ve said this before, but I think it may need repeating.
How have you served?
How have you improved the hobby?
Have you mentored any new hams?
Have you inspired others and promoted the hobby?
Have you served as a repeater trustee?
Have you served as a club officer?
Have you built any gear?
Have you been a net control operator or logger? Have you written an article for our newsletter?
The Answer is!…Being a ham is more that just time spent listening!
You can sign up to help on the W5IAS website at, click on the Events / Nets dropdown, click on Field Day 2022 and scroll down to Field Day RSVP. Do this before June 13th or you can email jack at Thank you for help-ing support the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club Field Day.

The ARRL Foundation Clubs Grant Program can provide up to $25,000 to a club for any projects that they may be working on or would like to do. Got an idea? Send it to us soon so we can add it to our list.
N5TWB says that the Tulsa Tough cycling event hap-pens soon…and soon is in two weeks!

The Tulsa Tough Bike Ride is June 11th and 12th.
We’re always looking for volunteers…wanna help? It’s easy! Wanna just ride along? No prob-lem!
This event is different. The sponsor provides ve-hicles for SAGs to drive therefore volunteers must submit to a background check of their driv-ers license so you need to sign up today!
Volunteers should sign-up on the club website via this link:

St. Francis Tulsa Tough

Not interested in a bike ride, but still want to support your community? Anyone interested in ARES partici-pation should visit the website at and/or contact Paul WB5ANX via email at

Bike rides not your thing…Not interested in ARES…HamRescue is on an as-needed basis and the help you give a fellow ham is greatly appreciated. HamRescue exists to help ham operators maintain their stations in working order and on the air. It relies on participation by volunteers. See this web-site for more information:

Weather Watch Net…
Storm season is here, so please monitor the Superlink System for the weather watch net. Frequencies for the repeater in your area can be found at, click on Repeaters and scroll down to TARC: Wide-Area Link System.
Please monitor the national VHF/UHF calling fre-quencies, too. Sometimes hams passing through the area call for local information, help or just looking for someone to talk to. You may even hear and work a ham in an airplane operating aeronautical mobile!

What about next month…
At our meeting next month we will discuss prepara-tions for Field Day.
Next Meeting – the next TARC club meeting is June 21st at 7 PM.
Location is TU’s Keplinger Hall room 3140.
Coming to the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in 2024…
2024 will be the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club. I know it’s a ways down the road, but we can start planning now. Got any ideas about how we can celebrate?
Maybe a special event station? What’s your idea?
We’re still looking for Net Control Operators and Loggers for the Tuesday night TARC Net so if you’d like to give it a try let us know and we’ll be happy to show you how easy it is and how you can help your
club stay strong and active. Start small and when you feel comfortable, move on up to other events. No pressure…just fun doing ham radio!

Upcoming Events
June 11th & 12th – Tulsa Tough bike ride
June 25th & 26th – Field Day / Chandler Park
September 10th through the the 18th – Route 66 on the Air

Pick a Contest…any Contest! Try POTA or SO-TA! Call CQ! Just get on the air!
Go to, click Contest Calendar, scroll to Contest Corral, click on the month you want to check.
Next Meeting – the next TARC club meeting is June 21st at 7 PM.
Location is TU’s Keplinger Hall room 3140.

Be safe, Be a good friend, Get on the air!
Mark WA5MA

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