TARC Meeting Minutes – 4.20.2022

1900 hours: Club President, Mark, WA5MA, called the meeting to order, introduced himself, recognized and welcomed new members and visitors to
the monthly club meeting held in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.

WA5MA mentioned the change of venue from Room-2005 due to the increase in participation of club members making the larger room necessary. Some banter ensued about the merits of each location, and the possibility of yet larger space. WA5MA asked for a show of hands approving Room-3140, of which there was a majority.

WA5MA requested round-robin introductions of first name and call-sign.

WA5MA directed attention to the white board and a list revealing the increased membership of the club:

4/2021 = 89
6/2021 = 99
1/2022 = 112
2/2022 = 119
3/2022 = 128
4/2022 = 144

WA5MA asked for any comments about the minutes of the last meeting. Nothing heard. WA5MA asked for a motion to accept the minutes as
written. Ray, K5CFY, moved to accept the minutes; Paul, WB5ANX, seconded the motion; the motion was approved by general acclamation.

WA5MA asked for any comments about the financials last month. Nothing heard. Lloyd, K5OSB, moved to accept the financial report; Bart, N5TWB,
seconded the motion; the motion was approved by general acclamation.

WA5MA yielded the floor to treasurer Jerry, KE5PMK.

Jerry, KE5PMK, summarized the financial report for this month. KE5PMK requested a brief meeting with WA5MA after the meeting to discuss
checks not reaching the P. O. Box.

Someone asked about the correct address to make PayPal payments to theclub. Here is the URL on the W5IAS web-site:


KE5PMK said that the net yield from the raffle held during the Green Country Hamfest was $137 and some change.

KE5PMK yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA asked what everyone thought of the hamfest. Overall opinion was that it was good.

Richie, W5OKL, said that in previous years about 1100 to 1200 people attended and that attendance this year was similar to previous events
prior to the pandemic.

W5OKL also discovered that bank-bags and night deposits are almost extinct when the bank had to get a locksmith to open the deposit box
and make a new key.

Someone pointed out that lack of a fox-hunt was a missed Hamfest

The new W5IAS QSL cards were well-received at Hamfest.

WA5MA passed around a stack of W5IAS QSL cards for those present to take a few, and a stack of W6L Route-66 on the air QSL cards using the
same image with different text.

WA5MA yielded the floor to Paul, WB5ANX, who spoke about the ARRL grant program.

WB5ANX said that our ARRL Section Manager, John Stratton, N5AUS, and another toured the W5IAS comms. trailer during Hamfest and asked what
we think we need and to submit a grant proposal for funding by the ARRL. One immediate need is a larger generator, but WB5ANX said that as
a club we should think big.

Mike, KG5YKM, talked about the need for good radio coverage at the various scouting facilities around the state, though current practice
uses GMRS rather than Ham radios. Still, KG5YKM, seeks help improving radio service for the scouts.

Andrew, W5AWS, said that anyone with ideas, no matter how wild, should put the ideas into an email to webmaster@w5ias.com, so that WB5ANX can complete our grant proposal.

WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA asked that any ideas for the grant proposal must be submitted no later than Wednesday, 27 May 2022.

KG5YKM asked to make a final statement regarding scouts, saying that scouting organizers very much appreciate the volunteers helping scouts
achieve their radio merit badges, providing them with a certificate of third-party radio operation.

Steve, KF5VCQ, logged about thirty contacts between Camp Garland and the comms trailer at the Hamfest, and commented on the significant
number of girl scouts.

W5AWS said that once the Boredom Breaker Net became active on the repeater, Camp Garland continued simplex using 146.550 and made another
dozen or so contacts with mainly girl scouts all of whom were vigorous talkers unafraid of the microphone.

W5AWS said that most scouts didn’t give the repeater time to reset. Only one scout, Joe, used proper procedure — quick-keying isn’t a
problem with simplex operation. Gregg, W5GGW, suggested that at future events another radio be tuned to the repeater, placed near those
waiting their turn, so that they can hear repeater operation.

WA5MA yielded the floor to Bart, N5TWB, who spoke about volunteer support of the forthcoming events in which TARC is involved.

N5TWB said that the next two bicycle events supported by the club will be:

Tour de Tulsa on May 7th https://tulsabicycleclub.clubexpress.com/TDT
Cop Land Classic on May 21st https://www.bikereg.com/51724

N5TWB explained that event organizers deploy ham radio operators along the various routes for Safety And Gear (SAG) ready to assist any
cyclist in need of help, and communicate status with the event control operator.

N5TWB emphasized the importance of situational, including geographic, awareness. For this to happen SAG operators need their ears, eyes,
brain, and mouth engaged.

Of prime importance is the safety of participants in the event, which includes everyone involved.

N5TWB explained that since the event routes are spread out geographically, operators cannot rely on Handheld Transceivers (HT)
having sufficient power to reach the repeaters. However, even though an HT may be unable to reach a repeater, it can receive the high-power
repeater transmissions, so they are still good to have on one’s person.

N5TWB said that for any volunteer without a mobile radio, the club has several 25W pre-programmed radios available to borrow during an event
for use with an external mag-mount antenna like the one displayed by N5TWB.

Gregg, W5GGW, interjected that instead of a 1/2-wave antenna, a 5/8- wave antenna is better since its radiation pattern is more donut-
shaped, concentrating power in the horizontal direction whereas the half-wave is more omni-drectional.

N5TWB continued, saying that all SAG vehicles will borrow and use a club Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) tracker to provide event
control with geographical position information. These APRS are pre- programmed; the receiving system is filtered to exclude any non-club
APRS devices.

N5TWB reviewed the contents of a well-equipped SAG kit, as listed here:

* First aid kit.
* Bike repair kit.
* Air pump with Schrader and Presta valve fittings.
* Inner tubes, usually supplied by the event organizers
* Reflective vest. Here’s an example, but they’re available from many places: https://www.hamthreads.com/shopping-cart/ANSI-2-SAFETY-VEST-p255811748
* HT 12-VDC power supply and spare battery.
* A dual-outlet automotive power adapter, available from many

* A drop-cloth to prevent vehicle seats absorbing moisture from sweaty
* Personal foul weather clothing like a rain jacket.
* A wide-brimmed hat, like those produced by Tilley:
* Energy bars, usually provided by event organizers, to offer to
exhausted cyclists.
* A bike rack for two bikes or use the bed of a pick-up with padding
for the expensive bikes.

N5TWB cautioned volunteers to avoid becoming a casualty by having an ice-chest containing water, food, medications, and just-in-case comfort
products like toilet paper — that’s what one’s left-hand and gravel were for before the advent of toilet paper.

The Tulsa Bike Club web-site has more information about the events:


N5TWB is working on a comms plan.

SAG volunteers will assemble at Dream Keepers Park, 1875 S Boulder Park Dr, Tulsa, OK, at 0730 hours.

To volunteer or request ride-along experience, contact either:

n5twb@arrl.net or wb5anx@arrl.net

N5TWB yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA asked WB5ANX to discuss the Amateur Radio Emergency Service

WB5ANX referred anyone interested in ARES participation to visit web-site https://aresok.org/ and contact him via email at wb5anx@arrl.net.

Volunteers require training so that participants communicate using a common language.

Volunteers are required to undergo a background check, and will be given a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved standard
identity badge. Anyone who volunteers with the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps will have a background check and be issued with an approved ID


WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.

WA5MA said that at our meeting next month we will discuss preparations for Field Day. Storm season is here, so monitor 443.850 for the weather
watch, as well as the national VHF/UHF calling frequencies, sometimes hams passing through the area call for local information.

WA5MA said that 2024 will be the centenary of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club.

WA5MA yielded to Remell, KA6DOY, who asked to make a brief announcement about Ham Rescue, which exists to help operators maintain their
stations in working order. It relies on participation by volunteers. See this web-site for more information:


KA6DOY yielded the floor to WA5MA who closed the meeting with the injunction: “No kerchunking of the repeater”.

Meeting adjourned at 2030 hours local time.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Andrew, W5AWS, Secretary.

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