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The end of the year and it’s been an awesome year! We started out the year having our monthly meetings on the air and finally over the summer we started to meet again in person in the Keplinger Hall parking lot…not indoors, but better than what we’ve had to do for the last year and a half. At that first parking lot meeting we got to see the TARC Comm Trailer. It’s a work in progress, but it sure looks good and it’s very functional. We used it for the bike rides, Field Day, Route 66 on the air and the hamfest at Asbury Methodist Church. The portable operations meeting brought out many of us showing off our portable radios and equipment. We’ve brought back the TARC weekly net which is averaging 20 to 25 check ins with a lot of good information, good questions and comments being passed over the air. TARC provided communications for several bike rides this year including the Copland Classic, Tulsa Tough and the Dam Jam. Field Day was awesome with a large turnout of hams and non hams. The GOTA station had 9 people come by and get on the air. Some were hams that hadn’t been active for awhile and some were not licensed. The Maker Fair was a success also and a great opportunity to show the trailer and get people on the air. The team helped over 40 kids and adults get on the air and make a contact for which they received a nice “First Contact” certificate. Route 66 on the Air was also a big success with the club making over 1200 contacts and we’ve received over 110 QSL cards. Many hams thanked us for putting Oklahoma and Tulsa on the air. We’ve also resumed our partnership with the Boy Scouts by participating in their Camporee. We’ve totally revamped and upgraded the Tulsa Am-ateur Radio Club website. If you’ve not had a chance to check it out, please do so. There’s lots to see for the new ham and the experienced ham looking for something new or if you just want to check out upcom-ing events, activities, pictures of past events and a lot more. Go to

All that seems like a lot…and it really is, but it couldn’t have been done without the help of many TARC club members to which I am grateful for what you’ve done for the City of Tulsa, ham radio and the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club!!!
This means YOU…take a bow for a job well done!!!

So…what do we have planned for next year?
Basically, all the above. We have some very interest-ing and informative club meetings planned and we’ll continue to hold the TARC weekly net every Tuesday except for the third Tuesday of the month which is the meeting at Keplinger Hall. Some events coming up include Winter Field Day, more bike rides, Field Day, some Special Event Stations throughout the year, more fun at the Maker Fair and some Boy Scout events.
We’re also planning some opportunities to upgrade your ham license. The first exam session is January 29th, 9 AM at Keplinger Hall. Keep an eye out for more info and start studying!

We’re getting closer to starting CW practice in Tulsa.
If you were on a recent net you heard Andrew, W5AWS experimenting with sending CW over the 145.110 repeater. Simply holding the micro-phone of his dual band radio up to his HF radio speaker was all that was needed to send a clear signal. Interested in CW?
Next Meeting – the TARC Christmas Party on December 21st 6 PM at the Golden Corral, 71st and Mingo
Be safe, Be a good friend, Get on the air!
Mark WA5MA

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