TARC Needs Your Support!

We have been asked to participate in the Boy Scouts Camporee happening the weekend of 10/2. We are in need of at least 2 volunteers to spend the day out at John Zinc from at least 10am-4:30 pm. Our primary objective will be to introduce scouters to Ham radio and get them on the air! Lunch will be provided by the BSA.

Two weeks from then we are also looking for some help on 10/16 for another similar scouting event that is a national event called Jamboree on the Air. This event will have a different twist in the hopes that we can offer a path for scouts to earn their radio merit badge and talk to other scouters all over the world.

Please reach out to either W5JHC@arrl.net or WB5ANX@arrl.net if you are interested in helping out!

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