AUG 19 NTS Net Recap

We had 6 check-ins.  I did list 2 messages from me to go out, but there were no outlets to take the messages.  I will therefore pass them on HF this weekend.  We had no questions.  I talked a bit about all the places that you can exchange traffic, any ARES net, HF Phone Traffic nets, CW Traffic Nets, NBEMS (fldigi) Nets, WInLink, etc.  Basically any mode in amateur radio can be used for passing traffic.

If you can even listen to HF, the HF Phone Traffic Nets are interesting because of the wide area they tend to cover and the very effective use of relay stations to extend the range of the net.  See for an excellent example.
  And if you just log an HF net and note each station’s signal strength, then look up the calls signs on the FCC database (or QRZ) and then map the locations… You’ve made yourself a propagation map!
I also suggested that folks might want to get themselves an NTS Penpal, either by just sending messages to people that are out of their radio range whom they know, or by participating in this effort by the Aaron K8AMH, the ARRL North Texas Section Traffic Manager.  He will try ot match up interested parties who are as geographically far apart as possible and still in the NTS coverage area (US and Canada).
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