5.18 Informal Net Follow-up

Thanks to all those stations who jumped on to say hello and for waiting for a late start due to the first ever meeting!

One correction from this evening. The 5/22 date for the TARC tulsa tough test has been pushed.. Don’t quote me on that part, but do expect an update closer to the bike race.

The discussion for tonight was to discuss any topic and Field Day! W5GGW gave a quick info piece about field day and some things to expect and see.. Expect to see some information coming soon about location, Gota, NTS, and maybe some BBQ..?? I swear I heard BBQ somewhere in there.. So the plans are under way.

Events to remember!
6/11-12 –  Tulsa Tough
6/15 – TARC Meeting
6/26-27 – Field Day

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