5.11 Informal Net Follow-up

All, I thought I would do my best to write down some of the things that were discussed OTA on the net.

5.15- TRO Copland Classic
5.18 – TARC Meeting @ TU
5.22 – Tulsa Tough Practice RUN ??
6.13 – Tulsa Tough Event
6.26 – Field Day

Paul Young, KE5EHM, from the TRO is looking for a few more SAG personnel to help out at the Copland Classic this weekend. If you are able to help please reach out to ke5ehm@tulsahamradio.org and let him know you can help.

Great discussion and information from all hams that participated on the discussion item about the upcoming Field Day event. We are hoping to have our event page updated soon so that you will know what is going on and what the club is preparing to do. Lot’s of new hams and those that don’t know what they are going to do so please watch out to the link below and more posts online with videos and more!

TARC Field Day

23 check in’s this evening

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