TARC Minutes of Meeting Nove 2023

On Tuesday, 14 November 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.
We advanced the meeting by one week to deconflict with the Thanksgiving festivity next week.
You can download the agenda for the meeting via this link:
WA5MA introduced those officers of the club who were present; 23 persons added their names to the attendance register, a copy of which you can download via the following link:
WA5MA asked if any club members present are not receiving the club newsletter. One person said they hadn’t received the newsletter; WA5MA said that we will fix that problem.
WA5MA asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last month’s meeting. Nothing heard. Ed, W1PN, moved to approve the minutes as written; Brent, N5LOL, seconded; the minutes were approved by acclamation.
WA5MA noted the absence of the Treasurer, saying that Jerry, KE5PMK, had not notified WA5MA of any problems. Since the newsletter contained a copy of the financial report, WA5MA asked for any questions or comments. Nothing heard. Ed, W1PN, moved to approve the financials; Kenny, KC5MJE, seconded; motion carried by acclamation.
WA5MA asked Steve, KF5VCQ, the club parliamentarian, to present the club officer elections for next year, 2024.
KF5VCQ said:
“Given that the current office holders all have indicated that they are willing to serve in the same capacity for the coming year(s), including the current President, with the exception of 2nd Vice President lan Duncan, KC9THI, (thank you for your service!)”
“and that we have received interest from Ky Vargas, KY5VAR, in filling the position of 2nd Vice President,”
“Question: at this time do we have a motion and second to nominate Ky for the position of 2nd Vice President? (main responsibilities are to serve as program(s) director and coordinator, as well as serve in the capacity of President in the absence of the President and 1st Vice President)”
From the floor: A motion by Greg, AI5HV, to nominate KY5VAR to 2nd Vice President; seconded by Ed, W1PN.
“Question: at this time do we have a motion to nominate anyone else for any of the Officer positions of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club?”
From the floor: Nothing heard.
“Given that we have received only one nomination, that for Mr. Ky Vargas, KY5VAR, for the office of 2nd Vice President and that the other officers have indicated a willingness to continue to serve for 2024;
“Therefore a motion is made by the appointed Parlimentarian (Steve, KF5VCQ) to wit:
“The following uncontested slate of Officers shall be elected by acclamation from a majority of members present by indication and verbal vote:
President, Mark Adams, WASMA 1st Vice President, Jack Conway, W5JHC 2nd Vice President, Ky Vargas, KY5VAR Secretary, Andrew Shead, W5AWS Treasurer, Jerry Weikel, KE5PMK Trustee, Gregg Wonderly, W5GGW Public Liaison, Bart Pickens, N5TWB”
From the floor: Motion approved by a unanimous show of hands.
“Note: The stipulation within the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club By-Laws allowing a President to serve only two consecutive one-year terms, was suspended for the next two fiscal terms by vote in 2022, so the current President is able to continue to serve during the 2024 term.”
Parliamentarian Steve, KF5VCQ, yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA said that we need a committee to review the club constitution and bylaws and bring them up-to-date and decide whether we need additional club officers.
From the floor, W5AWS pointed out that since the new club Quartermaster is managing a lot of expensive club equipment, the Quartermaster should be an officer of the club because we must maintain traceability and disposition of inventory.
WA5MA said that the current bylaws and constitution are on the club web-site for review.
Ed, W1PN, volunteered to be a member of the committee.
WA5MA volunteered the Treasurer, KE5PMK, to the committee, and asked the Secretary, W5AWS, to serve, who agreed to do so.
And, since Steve, KF5VCQ, is listed on the agenda with this activity, he too is a member of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee.
WA5MA reiterated that use of the Superlink system is encouraged. However, if participants are local within range then change to a local frequency and free the Superlink for others to use who are more widely separated and out of range of each other.
WA5MA asked Bart, N5TWB, about the status of the ARRL Foundation and ARDC grant programs.
N5TWB said that there is a new round of grants that N5TWB is adjusting to prevailing conditions. As yet, there is no submission to ARDC.
N5TWB said that the Sand Springs Christmas parade will be on Friday, 1 December, a week and a day after Thanksgiving. We need about eight operators to help marshal the floats into position; the more operators we have, the easier the job is to do. All you need is an HT and some warm clothing. Our involvement is from 1630 hrs until 1900 hrs when the parade starts moving. N5TWB will ask Jack, W5JHC, to add a sign-up page to the web-site — either that or contact N5TWB directly.
N5TWB yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA asked for a lead on anyone who can repair consumer radio and amplifier equipment. Apparently, WA5MA is acquainted with persons who need help in this area.
WA5MA mentioned testing every other month. Greg, AI5HV, maintains the club FaceBook page and said that all local ham radio examination schedules are listed therein.
WA5MA asked Dave, W5PPA, to summarize the Jamboree On The Air event.
W5PPA said that twelve ham operators and about forty-five scouts met at the Jack Graves Scout Reservation on the Saturday of the third full weekend in October. Overall, it was a success and on the schedule for next year. W5PPA presented a certificate of appreciation to WA5MA acting on behalf of the club; Remell, KA6DOY, had presence of mind to capture an image of the event, see the picture attached to these minutes.
W5PPA yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA asked Paul, WB5ANX, for his announcements. Paul deferred to James, KI5DAZ, who took the floor to explain the resumption of the Tulsa Hospital Net.
KI5DAZ, said that he and Paul, WBSANX, have been working this year to reinstate the Tulsa Hospital Net. The Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency and Tulsa ARES will host a net on November 30, at 2000 hrs as a part of the Tulsa County ARES net. This will be a small subset of the entire Hospital list. The plan is to expand this further to include all hospitals. If you want to participate and operate radios at hospitals you will need a background-checked badge, like OK MRC. WB5ANX strongly encourages anyone interested in participating to get their OK MRC badge.
KI5DAZ said that the purpose of the Hospital Net is to keep communications flowing during an emergency when normal service is disrupted. Area hospitals have radio equipment from various non-club sources, secured to prevent unlicensed operation. Maintaining access to and operating the equipment is part of the Simulated Emergency Tests.
KI5DAZ yielded the floor to WB5ANX.
WB5ANX said that there will be no Tulsa County ARES net on Thanksgiving evening, Nov 23. We will resume the net on Thursday, Nov 30 on the SuperLink system.
WB5ANX, announced a new Winlink Gateway for mid-town Tulsa is now available. It can be reached by connecting your Winlink Express station to WB5ANX via VaraFM on 145.03 Mhz. This is part of building a system statewide on 145.030 Mhz that will provide operators the ability to send and receive messages via RF. There is another Gateway in Broken Arrow at AE5ME-13 on the same frequency.
WB5ANX said that the ARRL has implemented a change in the publications of the printed magazines. As an ARRL member you will have access to all four digital magazines. If you want to have a printed copy, starting January 2024 it will cost you and you need to subscribe. Go to ARRL.com to get more information. Also, Paul informed the club he has two articles published recently: One in QST on using APRS and one in On The Air on Elmers.
WB5ANX yielded the floor to WA5MA.
WA5MA asked Robert, KI5WDD, for any news of club apparel. I don’t recall exactly what KI5WDD said, but my general impression is that it is in good hands and that there will be Centenary-themed apparel available to club members, along with the usual stuff.
WA5MA said that the club Christmas party is on 19 December, at Golden Corral on the corner of 71st & Mingo Road and asked N5TWB to organize door prizes. Given that prices have risen, N5TWB, asked how much money we can spend.
WA5MA though that $600 might be enough divided between the Christmas party and KI5WDD apparel. Ed, W1PN, moved that we allocate $600; Gary, KB5L, seconded; motion approved by unanimous consent of the members present.
WA5MA said that we now have a committee to organize the 100 Years Anniversary of the club celebrations: Steve, KF5VCQ; Robert, KI5WDD; Ray, K5CFY, and Remell, KA6DOY.
WA5MA asked for any other business.
Remell, KA6DOY, requested the floor for a moment to announce CQSanta.com, which assists children speaking with Santa at the North Pole, on 3916 kHz.
Jeff, AE5ME, said that the FCC has, after ten years of deliberation, finally approved removal of the Baud rate restrictions on HF data modes, replacing those requirements with a plain bandwidth limitation of 2.8 kHz.
WA5MA did not ask Andrew, W5AWS, about club badges, a number of which were clipped to the ledge of the whiteboard for collection. These badges remain ready for collection: Wayne, WA5YNE; Larry, KI5URK; John, NJ5Z; and Mike, KI5EGH.
WA5MA said that the next meeting is on 16 January 2024, same time, same place as usual.
There being no further business, WA5MA asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting: Ed, W1PN, so moved; Linda, KF5VYF, seconded; approved by general acclamation.
Meeting adjourned at 2020 hrs local.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Andrew, W5AWS. -=-=-=-

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