The President’s Corner June 2023

It’s never good starting a newsletter this way… I moved to Oklahoma from California in 2010 and while in California I had several opportunities to work with a great ham and a dedicated ARRL representative. His name is Carl Gardenias WU6D. A friend of mine and fellow ham. And if you’ve heard of Gordon West WB6NOA, you may have heard of Chip Margelli. The following is from an e mail from Clint Bradford K6LCS… Amateur radio – along with “educators” and “ambassadors of good will” – took a double-hit in the last two weeks, as we lost Carl Gardenias to […]

TARC Minutes of Meeting June 2023

On Tuesday, 20 June 2023 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called to order the meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. WA5MA welcomed new attendees and those who are working to get their Technician license. WA5MA requested round-robin introductions of the company; 29 persons added their names to the attendance register two of whom were aspiring licensees. Andrew, W5AWS, handed aspiring hams Dave and Jay each a paper explaining how to become a ham radio operator, a copy of which is attached to these minutes. A copy of the […]