TARC September Meeting Minutes

On Tuesday, 20 September 2022 at 1900 hours local, Mark, WA5MA, called the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club meeting to order in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. WA5MA introduced the club officers present then requested round-robin introductions of the members present. WA5MA asked whether anyone didn’t receive the newsletter. Nothing heard. WA5MA said that last month was the Ice Cream Social at Chandler park when there were no minutes, and asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of the July meeting. Nothing heard. Bob, W5RAB, moved to approve the minutes as written; Tom, WI5TZG, seconded; […]

September 12-18 2022 W6L QSL Cards

20220912–W6L–KN4TUC–QSL–14257–kHz 20220912–W6L–KR0P–QSL–3866–kHz 20220912–W6L–KR4FK–QSL–142600–kHz 20220912–W6L–KW5CCC–QSL–3866–kHz 20220912–W6L-KX4MN–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912–W6L–N1KX–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912–W6L–N2MTB–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912–W6L–N3RZU–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912–W6L–N9GWO–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912–W6L–VE5SWL–QSL–20–M 20220912–W6L–W3IBG–QSL–3866–kHz 20220912–W6L–W4WCD–QSL–14276–kHz 20220912-W6L–W5WI–QSL–3866–kHz 20220918–W6L–KC3UTU–QSL–14320–kHz 20220918–W6L–KD4GEH–QSL–14312–kHz 20220918–W6L–KD8PAX–QSL–14281–kHz 20220918–W6L–KF5TL–QSL–7074–kHz 20220918–W6L–KR0P–QSL–7075–kHz 20220918–W6L–N3MWQ–QSL–14320–kHz 20220918–W6L–N7ZMG–QSL–14319–kHz 20220918–W6L–W0AAA–QSL–14.3-MHz 20220918–W6L–W5APO–QSL–14312–kHz 20220918–W6L–W8WG–QSL–14281–kHz 20220918–W6L–W89TMU–QSL–14–MHz 20220918–W6L–WA4DYD–QSL–14075–kHz 20220918–W6L–WD0FYV–QSL–14076–kHz 20220918–W6L–WG2C–QSL–10136–kHz 20220918–W6L–WU4B–QSL–14–MHz 20220913–W6L–AB4PP–QSL–14276–kHz 20220913–W6L–K0BBC–QSL–3866–kHz 20220913–W6L–K0BBC–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–K0FSK–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–K3LKS–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–K5UYN–QSL–3866–kHz 20220913–W6L–K8MW–QSL–14276–kHz 20220913–W6L–K9GWH–QSL–7–MHz(1) 20220913–W6L–KB3URV–QSL–14275–kHz 20220913–W6L–KB5SSQ–QSL–40M 20220913–W6L–KB7OUZ–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KB8ZIO–QSL–14257–kHz 20220913–W6L–KC7MRA–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KC8MQO–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KD2EOY–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KD4GUB–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KE8JMN–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–KN4PSS–QSL–14276–kHz 20220913–W6L–KW9Q–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–N9GBP–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–W0RBO–QSL–3866–kHz 20220913–W6L–W3DDT–QSL–7285–kHz 20220913–W6L–W5WI–QSL–3866–kHz 20220913–W6L–W8QF–QSL–14203-kHz 20220913–W6L–WA8RS–QSL–7.285–MHz 20220914–W6L–K8MW–QSL–7074–kHz 20220914–W6L–KB7AK–QSL–7074–kHz 20220914–W6L–KD2RUY–QSL–7-MHz 20220914–W6L–N3ARU–QSL–14–MHz 20220914–W6L–W0ADL–QSL–7074–kHz 20220914–W6L–WG0ATS–QSL–7074–kHz 20220915–W6L–AA9F-QSL–14–MHz 20220915–W6L–K3CA–QSL–14284–kHz 20220915–W6L–K7PIL–QSL–21076–kHz 20220915–W6L–KB1FX–QSL–21074–kHz 20220915–W6L–KC3KJQ–QSL–14263–kHz 20220915–W6L–KD2NF–QSL–17M 20220915–W6L–KE8TEN–QSL–14263–kHz 20220915–W6L–KF7UGV–QSL–18100–kHz 20220915–W6L–KJ7ZZG–QSL–18100–kHz 20220915–W6L–KK5CR–QSL–14263–kHz 20220915–W6L–N2CHD–QSL–20M 20220915–W6L–N4CDJ–QSL–18102–kHz 20220915–W6L–N8ADK–QSL–14263–kHz 20220915–W6L–N9FAT–QSL–14284–kHz 20220915–W6L–N9NM–QSL–3533–kHz 20220915–W6L–N9OF–QSL–3533–kHz 20220915–W6L–VE3WLX–QSL–14263–kHz 20220915–W6L–W6TLM–QSL–14280–kHz 20220915–W6L–W7DIO–QSL–14284–kHz 20220915–W6L–W7GBD–QSL–18101–kHz 20220915–W6L–WO8L–QSL–20M 20220916–W6L–K6YQO–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–KC3STZ–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–KC8VUT–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–KE8ESJ–QSL–14074-kHz 20220916–W6L–KJ7ZHG–QSL–14076–kHz 20220916–W6L–KN6ROH–QSL–18102–kHz 20220916–W6L–KN40WS–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–KO4RJE–QSL–14075–kHz 20220916–W6L–N2NCB–QSL–14074–kHz 20220916–W6L–N3AML–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–N7WLC–QSL–14076–kHz 20220916–W6L–N8YDM–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–VE3JMY–QSL–14284–kHz 20220916–W6L–WB2FUE–QSL–14–MHz 20220917–W6L–AD4ET–QSL–14272–kHz 20220917–W6L–AE6PL–QSL–20M 20220917–W6L–K5CCC–QSL–7266–kHz 20220917–W6L–K9CUF–QSL–10136-kHz 20220917–W6L–KB1FX–QSL–18101–kHz 20220917–W6L–KB3FW–QSL–14074–kHz […]

Dam Jam 2022

By: Paul Teel WB5ANX Dam Jam 2022 was a huge success.  This was the 31st year of a widely supported bike event in North East Oklahoma.  25 ham volunteers provided the communications and safety support.  We had really great weather too.  In the pictures are the group photo, a pic of the command post trailer with ~45 ft mast in the background, NCO’s Dustin and Austin, APRS NCO’s Paul and Ben, and one of the APRS operations trucks that helped set up the digipeaters for the day.  We also had 5 ham ride-alongs this year learning the ropes of what […]

Net Check Ins 9.13

1 WA5MA Bixby MARK 2 W5AWS Tulsa ANDREW 3 KG5CTY Sapulpa PAT 4 WX5NXR Pryor DAVID 5 KF5VCQ Sand Springs STEVE 6 N9JPH McAlester JASON 7 W3DWB Nicoma Park DAVID 8 K5TZS Broken Arrow DAVID 9 KI5WSV BOKOSHE DON 10 WW0CJ NASHVILLE COLIN 11 N5DMK Tulsa DAVID 12 AC5JM Bartlesville JERRY 13 KA6DOY MANNFORD REMELL 14 NJ5Z TULSA JOHN 15 K5BYN Vian RAY 16 KI5UUL Ponca City HARRY 17 KI5UPS Mulhall JAMES 18 W5CAE Sand Springs CHRIS 19 KC5MJE JENNINGS KENNY 20 KB5L Broken Arrow GARY 21 KB5VDA Tulsa GREG 22 WA5TRM Tulsa STORM 23 KG5MEH Broken Arrow KEVIN 24 […]

Presidents Corner Sept 2022

Just in case you missed it Last month was the TARC Ice Cream Social.  It was a warm no, hot evening and you know that hot weather and ice cream don’t get along to-gether very well.  Fortunately, Bart had all the ice cream cups on dry ice and so when you grabbed your favorite flavor out of the ice chest it was rock solid.  Didn’t take long to melt a little bit and it sure tasted good. We had 19 in attendance and if the weather had been just a little cooler (ok, maybe 100 instead of 103) a few […]

Net Check Ins

1 WA5MA Bixby Mark J Adams 2 N9JPH McAlester Jason P Holt 3 KG5EW 4 AC5JM Bartlesville Jerry W Moyer 5 KB5HCT MUSE John E Fitzgerald 6 KI5YX Coweta Michael J Sala 7 N5DMK Tulsa David Kennedy 8 KI5VME Guthrie Ethan Short 9 K5MJE TIJERAS Michael J Eaton 10 KI5RHL Bethany James D Corey 11 W5CAE Sand Springs Christopher A Elliott 12 KC5MJE JENNINGS Kenny D Adams 13 KG5CTY Sapulpa Pat L Rood 14 WA5TRM Tulsa Storm T Edwards 15 KI5TEO Bixby Shawn C Davies 16 KI5WDD Tulsa Robert D Kerns 17 KI5VMS Tulsa Stephen F Birks 18 AD5JL TULSA […]

September is preparedness month

Are you prepared? By Paul Teel, WB5ANX It’s September and that brings a focus on being prepared.  Ready.gov raises awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time.  Oklahoma is no stranger to disasters and taking time to be prepared is a smart thing.  Preparedness takes many forms.  Food, water, power are the most common ways people prepare. Within the Amateur Radio community, we focus on communications preparedness.  Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is a group of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for […]