W5AWS Feeler Gauge Key

As Hamsters, we are always on the lookout for a better mousetrap. Specifically, a better way of sending CW. About the only way to find out what works best is to try operating with various keys, consequently I suspect that CW aficionados have several keys in their collection as I have. While riding along with Mike, KI5EGH, during the 2022 Tour de Tulsa bicycling event, when we were one unit of nine with the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club who provided SAG radio coverage of the various routes, our conversation turned to CW operation. I was intrigued by Mike’s mention of […]

ARRL: FCC Proposes Record $34,000 Fine for Alleged Interference and Unauthorized Transmissions During Idaho Wildfire

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed a $34,000 fine against Jason Frawley of Lewiston, Idaho, for allegedly interfering with radio operations of the U.S. Forest Service during firefighting activities for the Johnson Creek Fire near Elk River in July 2021. The FCC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) on June 8, 2022 to Frawley. The FCC states in the NAL that Frawley holds an Extra-class Amateur Radio Service license, WA7CQ, and is the owner/operator of Leader Communications LLC, licensee of eight microwave licenses and one business license. The FCC alleged in the NAL that “On July 17, 2021, using his […]


Sorry I missed the May meeting…but Jack did a great job filling in for me! Thanks Jack! The current roster on the website shows that there are 153 paid members. Most are paid through April 2023, a few are paid through 2024 and some are paid beyond that. I say this for 2 reasons. 1) You have until Field Day to pay your dues or you will be removed from the roster and your access to the website. 2) We are an active and thriving club! Some clubs would love to have half of the membership that makes up the […]

TARC Tuesday Night Net Check Ins

Column1Column2Column3Column4Column5Column6Column7Column8 1 WA5MA OK Bixby MARK (nc) 2 W5AWS OK Tulsa ANDREW (log),(op) 3 AC5JM OK (no club info) Bartlesville JERRY 4 KI5UHB TX VISITING Royse City BRIAN 5 AG5SL OK (no club info) McAlester JAME 6 WX5SR OK (no club info) DIRECT QRZ LOTW Muskogee JONATHAN 7 KI5VME OK (no club info) Guthrie ETHAN 8 KG5YBK OK (no club info) Bethany SHANE 9 KI5RHL OK Bethany JAMES 10 KG5CTY OK TRAFFIC Sapulpa PAT 11 N5TWB OK TRAFFIC Sand Springs BART 12 KN6QCJ CA (no club info) S LAKE TAHOE ZACH 13 KG5MEH OK (no club info) Broken Arrow KEVIN […]

Membership Password Reset

Follow the below steps to reset your password. It is very important that if you changed your password and get a password error to check your email! This is a safety feature to make sure your account was not hijacked! 1. Visit https://w5ias.com/login/ 2. Click lost password 3. Type in call sign 4. Click Generate password 5. Check your email for a new password 6. Click the link and make sure you meet the password requirements 7. Use your new password to sign in.. 8. Check your email for a Login Verification Required 9. Use your call sign and password […]