Jackery Explorer 1000

Recently I purchased a Jackery Explorer 1000.  Ive been running a few experiments to see what I would be able to run at home, and one of them was to see how well things performed using the Jackery to power the ham gear. So, on TWOsday, 2/22/22 (sorry – I had to throw that one in) I tuned into the TARC net using the Jackery for power. The radio equipment I have is an Icom 7100 with an Alinco DM-330MV power supply (see attached).   The power supply, by itself, pulls about 10 watts of power on average.  Turning on […]

Scanners & Ham Radio

Tonight at the TARC meeting Paul Teel ( WB5ANX * WB5ANX@arrl.net) talked about scanners and Ham radio. Attached to this is a copy of the PDF file he was referencing. Scanners and Ham Radio Feb 2022


Happy February!!! Did you come up to Chandler Park and operate Winter Field Day? Did you operate from home? Have you participated in any contests, contacted any POTA stations or Special Event Stations? Have you started any ham radio projects or been working on your radio and antenna? We had our first license exam session on January 29th and Bruce now has his Tech license, KN6SPB. He’s already applied for a vanity callsign and absolutely loves this ham radio hobby. You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot from him. Congratulations to the others that successfully upgraded, too. A special thank […]