W5AWS Dual-Band Slim-Jim Antenna

Hearing good quality communications from a station using an N9TAX Labs (https://n9taxlabs.com/) Slim-Jim Dual-Band antenna for 2 m & 70 cm during a TARC Net, and considering the good words said about the antenna by Jack, W5JHC, and Mark, WA5MA, I decided to acquire and test one myself, the Slim-Jim being relatively inexpensive. Another aspect of this test was to prove that erecting the antenna is easy and can be done anywhere that the antenna can be hung from one end. Read more about my experience here.


Here we are… The end of the year and it’s been an awesome year! We started out the year having our monthly meetings on the air and finally over the summer we started to meet again in person in the Keplinger Hall parking lot…not indoors, but better than what we’ve had to do for the last year and a half. At that first parking lot meeting we got to see the TARC Comm Trailer. It’s a work in progress, but it sure looks good and it’s very functional. We used it for the bike rides, Field Day, Route 66 on […]