The Presidents Corner – October 2021

There goes Route 66 on the Air!
As of this writing, Route 66 on the Air for 2021 is in the log and we’ve made 1222 hams very happy because they’ve got W6L in their log. We’ve already mailed back over 50 W6L QSL cards and after my last trip to the PO Box, there’s another 50 or so to mail.

We made contacts using FT8, CW and SSB. This year the hot bands were 80, 40 and 20 meters.
If you participated this year, many thanks for getting Tulsa back on the map.

If you have a log that you haven’t sent in yet, please do so ASAP. Send it to

The TARC Tuesday night net is going strong and we’re averaging 25 hams checking in every week. It seems there is always either a new ham that just got their license, someone new to the net or a ham that has decid-ed to get back in the hobby. Either way, we’re glad to see and hear lots of new activity on the repeaters. The current topic has been “What can I do on the air as a Technician Class license holder?” and in keeping with that topic, I would like to provide a license class, maybe once a quarter, for Technician class license holders to upgrade to General or General/Advance to Extra. If you would like to upgrade, send me an e mail and I’ll send you the details. Send the e mail to

The October 19th TARC meeting will be held at Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa, 7 PM. I’m trying to get a room large enough for 30 to 35 hams while maintaining whatever Covid restrictions TU has in place. Keep checking the TARC Facebook page, and/or the Tuesday night net for the most current information. Talk in is the 145.110 repeater.

There are many opportunities each month to get on the air as a club and we’re always looking for more opportunities to serve. As we near the end of the year club activities will start to slow down until Spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Go to the ARRL web-site and click on the “Contest Calendar” and then pick the current month in the “Contest Corral” under ARRL contests. You can easily enter a contest and submit a log. It’s a great chance to get on the air, practice your skills and play radio. It doesn’t matter how many contacts you make or if you get the furthest station. Just have fun! Winter Field Day is coming up in January and if you work portable from a park (weather permitting) or from home, just get on the air.

Our next portable operations day will be October 23rd, location is TBD. Check the TARC Facebook page, and/or the Tuesday night net for the most current information and location.
Opportunities to help promote ham radio and your club!

October 2nd is the Boy Scouts Camporee at Zink Ranch. We’ll be helping the Scouts work toward their Radio Merit Badge and on October 16th is the Jambo-ree on the Air at Chandler Park. Keep checking the TARC Facebook page, and/or the Tues-day night net for the most current information. Ourclub participation is good for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, the Scouts and ham radio.

We’re still looking for Net Control Operators and Loggers for the TARC weekly net.

If you have an idea for a program at a club meet-ing or for the Tuesday net, let me know! Nothing is off the table.

Check out the TARC website at and see what’s new. Pictures are added after every event and we’re looking for more pictures from TARC events.

If you have some gear you’d like to buy or sell, you can do that on the website as well.
I want to thank Andrew, KI5HYC for stepping up to help the club by volunteering to be the Secre-tary for 2022. There are plenty of things to do and volunteering for just one helps us all. We all know that “many hands make light work!”

Be safe, be a good friend, get on the air!
Mark WA5MA – President Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

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