Ham Radio Outlet coming to Tulsa?

To all hams in the Northeast Oklahoma area…

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a Ham Radio Outlet store in the Tulsa area, now is your chance to vote for one. Alan Sales, K5ADS is a former HRO employee and does carry some pull to have a store added here. He’s already sent a proposal to HRO Corporate.

They need to hear from as many hams as possible confirming there is serious interest. I’ve already cast my vote for Tulsa! Please vote after you finish reading this e mail.

Here is the e mail that I received from Alan Sales, K5ADS.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for taking my call this afternoon.

When I heard that Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) was looking to expand about a year ago, I jumped on the opportunity to pitch the idea of a store here in the Tulsa area.  I wrote the business proposal and FedEx’ed it to them in hopes that they would remember me.  I received a phone call from HRO the day they got the proposal.  They are very interested in Tulsa as a new store location.

So, per our conversation what they are looking for is hearing from Hams in the area confirming that there is a true interest in having an HRO in the area. I am including below the URL where Hams can let HRO know that a store would be desirable here in the Tulsa area.


Thank you for your help in getting this information out to the Amateur Radio community.  We truly need as many votes as possible.  But I firmly feel we can make this happen.


Alan D Sales

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