June 17 NTS NET Recap

We had 9 check-ins, 2 pieces of traffic listed, 1 piece passed and one piece the recipient didn’t check in, so I took that message to the Tulsa ARES net and delivered it there (pretty sure that surprised the NCO, Ray).

June 8 NTS NET Recap

Tonight’s NTS net had 11 check-ins. One message listed and passed. My prepared remarks tonight were regarding the “rules” for voicing NTS messages on Phone. This makes it easy to tell the difference between ’to’, ’too’, ’two’ and ‘2’ for example. Next week I will continue on that and move on to Numbered Messages, which are “short codes” for commonly sent messages. I fielded a number of good questions on voicing and provided some coaching while copying incoming traffic, which I then delivered via email to WinLink at the sender’s request. I also re-transmitted my very first NTS message for […]

June 3 NTS NET Recap

The first meeting of the Superlink Traffic net was successful held and we had 17 check-ins, 1 piece of traffic was holding to go out, but we had no takers to handle that traffic. Which is to be expected on the first net. Net participants asked a number of good questions and I did my best with answers. I also did some presentation on what the NTS is about and when it might be used. I also talked about my Field Day plans for handling traffic from Chandler Park as part of the TARC group. Paul KB5ANX checked in and […]

6.1.2021 – Informal Net Follow-up

Thanks to all those who checked in with us tonight! Lots of new hams and favorites checked in this evening. Total of 33 on the net this evening! N5TWB – Gave an update on the Tulsa Tough event coming up on 6/12-13. Phone calls have been happening, info and more maps are coming soon. APRS are from our friends at the TRO and the radios are provided by the TARC. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you can help as afternoons and extra’s aren’t a bad thing! N5TWB Email K5AEB – Ann gave us a quick update on Field […]

5.18 Informal Net Follow-up

Thanks to all those stations who jumped on to say hello and for waiting for a late start due to the first ever meeting! One correction from this evening. The 5/22 date for the TARC tulsa tough test has been pushed.. Don’t quote me on that part, but do expect an update closer to the bike race. The discussion for tonight was to discuss any topic and Field Day! W5GGW gave a quick info piece about field day and some things to expect and see.. Expect to see some information coming soon about location, Gota, NTS, and maybe some BBQ..?? […]

TARC Weekly Net 5.11

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, May 11th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. This week Paul Young, KE5EHM will be discussing the Copland Classic bike ride and we’re going to discuss what you want to see and do for TARC Field Day 2021. The new and improved TARC website is up and running and if you haven’t already checked it out you can do so at www.w5ias.com. Take a look before Tuesday and let us know what you think. Any input will be appreciated. The TARC website is designed for you!

5.4 Informal Net Follow-up

All, I thought I would do my best to write down some of the things that were discussed OTA on the net. DATES 5.15- TRO Copland Classic 5.18 – TARC Meeting @ TU 5.22 – Tulsa Tough Practice RUN ?? 6.13 – Tulsa Tough Event 6.26 – Field Day Bart had a discussion about the upcoming bike event and hoping that we will pick a time on 5.22 to discuss and run through all the hardware and bits and pieces for those new and returning SAG drivers. There is an opportunity to go visit the Copland Classic on 5.15. He […]

Weekly Net

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, May 4th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. If you haven’t already checked out the new and improved Tulsa Amateur Radio Club website at www.w5ias.com please do so before Tuesday and let us know what you think. Any input will be appreciated. The TARC website is designed for you!

TARC Informal Net 4.27

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club weekly net is Tuesday, April 27th at 8:00 PM on the 443.850 repeater. Paul, WB5ANX will be giving us a presentation on ARES followed by Q&A. Paul is the ARES Emergency Coordinator for Tulsa County. If you want to learn about ARES from an expert, join us on the net. You don’t need to be a member to join and check in.


From Mark, KG5ZZV Mark gave a quick overview on first aid and had the below items to share with everyone. I’m planning to start my pretty brief presentation with a reference (sad this is necessary) to the Oklahoma Good Samaritans Act.  I’m sure the ARES folks are well aware of this, but anyone considering performing first aid should really be aware of this and pre-make the decision to help (or not). https://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/DeliverDocument.asp?CiteID=72826 What you should carry in your first aid kit varies widely by the areas that you might visit, but bleeding control, airway management and CPR are specific skills […]