QRZ New Ham Jumpstart

We are pleased to announce the QRZ New Ham Jumpstart, a program that will help new hams get on the air faster than ever. The program, which is jointly sponsored by QRZ and GigaParts, will provide a FREE, New Ham Welcome Package to eligible applicants. Among the goodies in the first edition of the Welcome Package, we are including a brand-new dual-band handheld transceiver, the Explorer QRZ-1, along with a host of other sponsor-supplied goodies.

Purpose of the Jumpstart Program
This program is designed to promote amateur radio to the masses, helping to eliminate a possible barrier to entry by providing new hams with their first radio. The Jumpstart program will provide the QRZ-1 radio to new hams who meet eligibility requirements. No purchase or subscription of any kind is necessary. The welcome package is FREE to those who qualify.

The QRZ-1 is a brand-new, entry-level, dual-band ham radio transceiver that has been custom manufactured for QRZ and GigaParts and is available for sale at GigaParts. We worked with an
established radio manufacturer to make a special edition radio just for new hams. Our involvement was much more than a re-labeling of an existing product, because several important improvements have been made. For starters, the radio firmware has been modified to make user interaction straightforward and easy to understand. In addition, the user manual was rewritten in English (not simply translated) so that new hams may grasp its operating concepts clearly.

The program ends on October 31, 2022.

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