Field Day Thanks!

W5JHC – I can’t say thank you enough to the following operators for volunteering their time and weekend to make this year’s field day an event! It has been a pleasure to organize this event and a great opportunity to grow and learn more about the Field Day event from each of you! Some of the stories and connections made here are what makes this not only a fun hobby, but one about how great this club is at the social level.. I’m looking forward to field day and that first bath on Sunday back in the AC!


K5AEB Ann Bruun
K5CAY Dan Belcher
KB5L Gary Buckmaster
KC5MJE Kenny Adams
KC9THI Ian Duncan
KE5GOL David Griffon
KE5PMK Jerry Weikel
KE5UMQ Rick Gardner
KF5VCQ Steve Childers
kg5zzv Mark Vasoll
KI5LCP Heather Benzel
KI5UGG Steven Rousey
KI5URM Brian Booth
N5DMK David Kennedy
N5TWB Bart Pickens
NR0Q Matthew Chambers
W1PN Ed Haskell
W5AWS Andrew Shead
W5GGW Gregg Wonderly
W5JHC Jack Conway
w5okl Richie Shroff
W5RAB Bob Buford
WA5MA Mark Adams
WB5ANX Paul Teel
WD5AGO Thomas Henderson
WD5ETD Rick Wilson
Harpreet Gill
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