FEMA Winlink Exercise

FEMA is conducting a communication exercise and is seeing the participation of AMATEUR RADIO. This exercise will be via WINLINK  Tuesday evening, May 31st, from 6:00 PM EDT until 4:00 PM EDT Wednesday afternoon, June 1st.   Please make time and effort to participate in the exercise.   Thank you for your service, Mark Conklin, N7XYO Oklahoma Section Emergency CoordinatorAmateur Radio Emergency Service918.232.8346n7xyo@arrl.net www.ARESOK.org More info – https://w5ias.com/events/fema-winlink-exercise/

TARC Tuesday Night Net Check-ins

Column1Column2Column3Column4Column6Column7 1 WA5MA OK Bixby MARK 2 W5AWS OK Tulsa ANDREW 3 KI5VME NEW HAM TODAY ETHAN 4 KI5QBA OK (no club info) McAlester JASON 5 AG5SL OK (no club info) McAlester JAMES 6 KI5UPS OK (no club info) Mulhall JAMES 7 KI5RHL OK Bethany JAMES 8 AD5YDI (no club info) WARREN 9 KF5KNV OK (no club info) Ponca City TONY 10 KD5CMW OK (no club info) BROKEN ARROW JOSH 11 KF5VCQ OK (no club info) Sand Springs STEVE 12 K5CAY OK Tulsa DAN 13 N5DGF OK (no club info) TULSA DON 14 KI5URM OK (no club info) Owasso BRIAN […]

SAG Thanks!

Special thanks to the below operators that helped support the Copland Classic bike ride on Saturday! KI5EGH, WB5ANX, WB5VST, KD5VSB, KE5URF, KE5EHM, W5JHC, KI5HAE, N5WCW, KG5YBH, KC9THI, N5DMK, W0JNB, KI5QHM, KE5GOL, N5DGF Tulsa Tough is in just a few weeks! If you would like to help volunteer SAG please register at the link below! https://w5ias.com/events/st-francis-tulsa-tough/

TARC Meeting Minutes – May 2022

On Tuesday, 17 May 2022 at 1900 hours local, Jack, W5JHC, called the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club meeting to order in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. There were twenty-eight attendees that included two new-joining members. W5JHC asked for round-robin introductions. W5JHC asked for any questions or comments about the minutes of last month’s meeting. Nothing heard. Bart, N5TWB, moved to accept the minutes as written; Steve, KI5UGG, seconded the motion. W5JHC asked for any questions or comments about the financial report. Nothing heard. Paul, KE5EHM, moved to accept the financial report; Gregg, W5GGW, seconded the motion. […]

IronMan Sag Support

This race will push you past your limits and drive you to dig deep within yourself for what it takes to finish this epic 140.6-mile journey. Keystone Lake, the lush rolling hills at the foothills of the Ozarks, Guthrie Green, and vibrant downtown Tulsa are where you’ll be challenged. Certified Piedmontese IRONMAN Tulsa has it all – scenic views, challenging terrain, and one of the most electric atmospheres in the country, all tucked away in Eastern Oklahoma. This is not a TARC sponsored event, but they are looking for SAG personel. If you want to volunteer please visit the link […]

Communications Activity Report – ARES-OK Seminole Tornado

On Friday 5 May 2022, OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MEANAGEMENT requested communications support from the ARRL/Amateur Radio Emergency Services. SCOPE: Provide voice communications between chainsaw and debris removal teams and their base of operations at Volunteer Center. Location: Seminole State College (Volunteer Center) Located at 2701 Boren Boulevard, Seminole, OK 74868 Voice communications can be via LOCAL VHF available repeater. See attached PDF report and PHOTOS – file names ID the photos. Mark Conklin, N7XYO Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator Amateur Radio Emergency Service  

Amateur radio operators help keep cyclists safe during Tour de Tulsa

Big thank you to all the operators that helped make this bike ride a success! N5TWB, WB5ANX, WB5VST, NR0Q, WA5MA, WB5TSI, KD5VSB, KI5EGH, KE5PMK, W5JHC, KE5URF, KE5EHM, WB5VST, N5DMK, KI5URK, W5AWS . Take a minute to watch the video below from our friends at Fox 23. We have another bike ride coming up so please let us know if you are interested in helping!


Here’s what you missed at the April club meeting… We’re now meeting in Room 3140 and by a vote of acclamation, every-one liked the chairs better. Hi Hi! This is a bigger room and with the in-crease in attendance we’re going to need the extra space. Here’s a list of past dates with the number of TARC members. 4/2021 = 89 members 6/2021 = 99 members 1/2022 = 112 members 2/2022 = 119 members 3/2022 = 128 members 4/2022 = 144 members You are part of a growing and active club!!! A wrap up of Green Country Hamfest… Richie, W5OKL, […]

Bald Mountain – Pittsburg County Repeater Operational

The permanent 145.210 and 442.400 repeaters are now on air from Bald Mountain, the highest point in Pittsburg County. You can hit them both with 5 watts from Durant (60 miles from the tower) and sound local. Both repeaters are set at 60 watts. I’ve also included pics from when the antennas were installed last year. These will be an excellent addition to SE Oklahoma and will expand when other sites go online. I want to thank everyone involved in this project, without your help, this would not have happened.