July 15 NTS NET Recap

15 check-ins, 1 piece of traffic handled and I’m taking that to the 7290 Traffic Net on Saturday to get it headed in the right direction. Didn’t have much for Q&A, so I talked a little more about voicing and then did a very small amount on ARL Numbered Messages.

Are You Contesting, or Calling a Net?

Written by: Gregg, W5GGW Are you Contesting, or Calling a net? An Amateur Radio Operator calling CQ during a contest on a frequency that was available for their use operates very much like a net control operator. They select the stations that they will work next, and control the traffic on that frequency. Learning to be a net control-operator is one way to learn more about contesting and to familiarize yourself with the concentration levels that are necessary when a ‘pileup’ occurs and you have lots of calls thrown at you. Emission Modes and Carriers The FM radios that we […]

TARC Monthly Meeting

The next meeting of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is Tuesday, July 20th, 7 PM across from the TU parking lot, in the shade. Portable operations and go boxes will be discussed. If you have a go box and portable antenna, bring it out so we can see it. If you ordered a TARC shirt and haven’t received it, those will be available. Talk in is the 145.110 repeater.

July 1 NTS NET Recap

I had 14 check-ins to the Superlink Traffic Net tonight. Passed one message. Answered questions, explained the NTS briefly again (as new people check in every time) and retold my current best example situation where NTS could have been used (but I don’t know if it was, I need to check).

The President’s Corner – July 2021

Field Day 2021…One for the books!!! Last years’ Field Day was…well…you know…kinda discouraging. This years’ Field Day was a record breaker. Lots of activity and many showing up to see what a TARC Field Day looks like. If you weren’t there…you missed a good one. We thought it might be a washout with the rain and thunderstorms, but it quit about 10 AM and only delayed setup an hour or so. After a few hours of partly cloudy skies the clouds took over and it was a very pleas-ant afternoon, except for one brief shower. The TARC Comm trailer was […]