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The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club is an association of members interested in the furtherance of Amateur Radio.  We endeavor to educate members and others regarding the use of Amateur Radio for social betterment and to establish uses for communication in times of emergency, declared or undeclared.  TARC provides qualified members to conduct educational seminars or classes, individually or in association with other organizations with like intention and purpose, for the teaching and education of anyone interested in Amateur Radio.


TARC members actively support ARES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and participate in emergency communication exercises and National Weather Service training.  When normal modes of communication have been disrupted by natural or man-made disasters, we can provide supplemental radio communications until normal communications have been restored.

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We assist many Public Events such as providing support for local bicycle rides and communication support for parades and other community communications needs.

The Tulsa Amateur Radio Club also participates in the annual Tulsa MakerFaire, providing information and education about amateur radio.

Each year TARC participates in the ARRL Field Day event, Route 66 on the Air, Winter Field Day and Green Country Hamfest as well as other activities throughout the year.


TARC operates a network of linked repeaters covering Northeast Oklahoma, parts of Kansas and parts of  Arkansas.  When severe weather is forecast, many club members and others participate in a weather net and report from locations near the path of severe weather.  That information is passed directly to National Weather Service personnel who often use the information to issue watches and warnings.  Also, TARC and affiliates operate those Repeater Systems.

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