FT8 Division : Logging Integration


This program has too many bells and whistles but here is where we suggest starting.


Launch Settings

  • General
    • Always fill out any information you can fill out like your center gridsquare
  • Lookups
    • If you have a call sign look up like QRZ, fill out your information so when you attempt to make a contact their information will pop up so you can see who they are. It will also tell you if you have logged that person if you use QRZ for example!
  • Logging
    • This if where you will fill in account information if you have other sites that meet their list.
    • PSK-Reporter is a great tool and website so that you can see how and where your signal is going.  https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html
  • Alerts
    • Turn them all on.. ok.. well only the ones you really want, but it is really nice if you walk out of the room and a new CQ zone or ITU zone alert plays some audio so you can hurry back and get that QSO!
    • I highly suggest enabling the Lightning Strikes alert feature.. Be ready, it is loud but when your pc makes the thunder noise, you know weather is closer than you want.. But hey, it also lets you play a little longer too.