2nd Vice President – KY5VAR – Ky Vargas

W5IAS Club 2nd Vice President 2024

When were you first licensed?

I received my Technician license around 1982 during high school while I was attending electronic classes and Tulsa Vo-Tech.

What is your current class?

I have been licensed as an Extra class since 2021.  I changed my call sign to KY5VAR so I would not forget it.

Areas of Interest

I enjoy HF and POTA a lot and have combined these two activities into the HamVee.  I have spent the last year rebuilding my morse code skills and tinkering with QRP.  Additionally, I attend Heritage Church, where I enjoy teaching a Sunday School class.

What was your first radio

My first radio was a mobile Drake 2meter transceiver.  I could not afford a stereo for my car, but I could afford a very used transceiver.  The best part was using the Tulsa Repeater Organization’s auto-patch.  I remember getting into a minor fender-bender and needed to call my dad.  I pulled out a Radio Shack phone keypad tone generator and held it next to the mic.  I tried multiple times to key-up the phone patch, but it did not let me through.  A fellow ham heard me trying to make the call and made the call for me.  I remember my dad kept asking “How are you calling me?” since I told him I was on the side of the road.

What’s your favorite ham story?

Last year I took an old military HumVee on a camping trip / POTA activation at Little Sahara State Park.  I replaced one of the backseats with a weather-proof HF radio stack.  I set up camp the evening before and the following day drove all over huge sand dunes looking for the tallest one to erect my military HF vertical.  I had a great activating the POTA park and making plenty of contacts.  It was at that moment that my Military M998 earned its reputation as the “HamVee”.