1st Vice President – W5JHC – Jack Conway

W5JHC – W5JHC@arrl.net

W5IAS Club 1st Vice President 2022

When Were You First Licensed

I was first licensed March 20, 2018 and I regret not taking the time when I was first introduced to amateur radio in 1998.

What’s Your Current Class

My current class is Technician.

Areas of Interest

I have always been fascinated with HF! Working in broadcast radio and tv for 20 years being around 20KW to 1 MW transmitters a small 5 watt HF radio can reach around the globe on a good day. Just FASCINATING and FUN! FT8, DMR, and really anything in the ham land is fun.. One day I hope to make a satellite contact and who knows.. might even learn CW… No matter what, practice, practice, and learn; never stop learning!

What was your first radio

My first radio is a Yaesu FT-8800. (still have it minus it’s got a damaged part I am hoping they can fix.) This radio does cross band repeating and when adding a HT to the mix you can do so much!

What’s your favorite ham story

My dad was always a bit of a techy at his age and before cellular phones were a thing…. But I always remember he had a 2 way vhf radio with access to a phone operator and on occasion he would get calls or he would make a call for his work while we were driving around….. Add a CB antennae and more VHF’s in the house and it was always around us. He was never a ham but  just the little bit of tech is what started me down my path.. This is what sparked my interest in technology and well after a long delay getting my first ticket to operate as a ham operator. I only wish I kept track of my first third party contact back in 1998…