TARC Net Checkins 12-13-22

1 WA5MA Bixby MARK 2 K5TZS Broken Arrow DAVID 3 W5AWS Tulsa ANDREW 4 WB5ANX TULSA PAUL 5 N5LOL TULSA BRENT 6 KC5MJE JENNINGS KENNY 7 KI5YKD Bixby RANDY 8 KI5VYF Tulsa LINDA 9 K5CAY Tulsa DAN 10 KB5VDA Tulsa GREG 11 KI5YSY Muskogee Easton M Privette 12 KG5DXP Tulsa Nicholas J Brim 13 KI5VME Guthrie Ethan Short 14 KI5YWF Oklahoma City DON 15 W5CAE Sand Springs Christopher A Elliott 16 W5JDC BETHANY JAMES 17 KA6DOY MANNFORD REMELL 18 WA5VXI TAHLEQUAH Manuel A Holland 19 KG5CTY Sapulpa Pat L Rood 20 KB5VDB BROKEN ARROW Ronald B Lancaster 21 WA5TRM Tulsa […]


It’s been a GREAT year for the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club!!!… Let me count the ways… Winter Field Day, Summer Field Day, License exam session, Weather Watch net, Bike rides, Maker Fair, Route 66 on the Air, replacing the 443.850 repeater, Portable operations days, HF Open House, ARES SET, Scouting events, Christmas parade. We’re still working on the Comm 1 trailer and it has already proved it’s a great asset to the club and to the events that we work. We’ve had some great presentations at our monthly club meetings and our club membership is up to 171! Congratulations! Those […]

Net Check-ins 12.6.22

1 WA5MA Bixby MARK 2 W5AWS Tulsa ANDREW 3 WI5VMS 4 W5JDC BETHANY JAMES 5 K5TZS Broken Arrow DAVE 6 KI5TKD Nicoma Park JOHN 7 KI5VYF Tulsa LINDA 8 KI5YKD Bixby RANDY 9 N8ZX Hinckley KENNETH 10 KA6DOY MANNFORD REMELL 11 WX5DL Sapulpa DAVE 12 K5CAY Tulsa DAN 13 KE5MOF Collinsville Andrew W Barker 14 KE5NCP Sand Springs William T Finley 15 AC5JM Bartlesville Jerry W Moyer 16 W5LU Rogers MARK 17 KM5UQ Hartshorne Terry W Dalpoas Jr. 18 KI5TEO Bixby Shawn C Davies 19 KI5YX Coweta Michael J Sala 20 N5LOL TULSA Brent H Mansur 21 KI5VME Guthrie Ethan […]

Sand Springs Christmas Parade 2022

Written By: Andrew, W5AWS We were seven marshals for the Sand Springs Christmas Parade: Bart, N5TWB; Mark, WA5MA; Remell, K6DOY; Mike, KI5EGH; Kenny, KC5MJE;Paul, KE5EHM ; and Andrew, W5AWS. There were 105 floats divided into ten divisions. N5TWB was net control on the 145.110 repeater, and assigned us to our places along the staging area. As usual, things became more chaotic towards commencement of the parade, but things went smoothly with everyone in position within five minutes of start. There was a chill wind earlier that declined as the sun set and the skies cleared. Good to be with the […]