TARC Tuesday Night Net Check-ins

1 WA5MA Bixby Mark J Adams (nc) Tulsa EM25bx 2 W5AWS Tulsa Andrew W Shead (log),(op) Tulsa EM26ad 3 AG5SL McAlester James R Bray Pittsburg EM24cw 4 KI5QBA McAlester Jason P Holt Pittsburg EM24cw 5 WX5SAR Muskogee Jonathan D Moore Muskogee EM25hr 6 KC5MJE JENNINGS Kenny D Adams Pawnee EM16qe 7 W5CAE Sand Springs Christopher A Elliott Osage EM16wf 8 N9JYJ Ponca City John M Brackett Kay EM16jt 9 KI5URM Owasso Brian J Booth Tulsa EM26bh 10 AD5JL TULSA Robert M Busch Tulsa EM26bc 11 K5OSB Tulsa Lloyd H Osbon Jr Tulsa EM26bc 12 N5DMK Tulsa David Kennedy Tulsa EM26ad […]

TARC Meeting Minutes – 4.20.2022

1900 hours: Club President, Mark, WA5MA, called the meeting to order, introduced himself, recognized and welcomed new members and visitors to the monthly club meeting held in Room-3140 of Keplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa. WA5MA mentioned the change of venue from Room-2005 due to the increase in participation of club members making the larger room necessary. Some banter ensued about the merits of each location, and the possibility of yet larger space. WA5MA asked for a show of hands approving Room-3140, of which there was a majority. WA5MA requested round-robin introductions of first name and call-sign. WA5MA directed […]

TARC Grant Project

A new ARRL Foundation Club Grants program, funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC), will make $500,000 available to radio clubs. The program will provide up to $25,000 for worthy club projects. Requests for more than that will be referred back to ARDC. ARRL has long recognized that it is in the best interests of amateur radio to encourage and support amateur radio clubs. Clubs historically have recruited, licensed, and trained new radio amateurs and have provided the community setting for radio amateurs to continue their education and training. The new Club Grants program will help clubs more easily provide […]

ARRL – Amateur Radio Helps Rescue Injured California Outdoorsman

A relaxing weekend of camping and fishing did not go as planned last Friday when a member of a California outdoors club fell and broke his hip. REACH 5 helicopter ready to transport with injured outdoorsman on board. [Dave Johnson, KL7DJ, photo] The Old Goats Mountain Club (OGMC) had worked their way along an old Forest Service Road into a rugged, off grid location in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Dave Johnson, KL7DJ, said his friend slipped and fell while trying reel in a catch. The injury was so severe that the man could not be moved safely with […]

April 2022 Council Camporee

Saturday’s weather started out a bit rough for those practicing amateur radio outdoors in the elements but that didn’t stop Andrew Shead (W5AWS) and Jack Conway (W5JHC) from heading out to Camp Garland to setup a portable operations demonstration to scouters at the 2022 Council Camporee! This couldn’t have been accomplished without support from the TARC trailer headed up by Steve Childers (KF5VCQ) broadcasting under the W5IAS callsign at the Claremore Hamfest. This also couldn’t have been done without Paul Teel (WB5ANX) securing our spot at another council event and Mark Adams (WA5MA) providing flyers and QSL cards for those […]


Shared from W5AWS This video is a useful explanation of the various DeoxIT cleaners and lubricants, including CRC QD and Maxpro, and their use:  

New FCC Application Fee Will Not Apply to Amateur Radio License Upgrades

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff has clarified in response to an ARRL request that the new $35 application fee will not apply to most license modifications, including those to upgrade an amateur radio licensee’s operator class and changes to club station trustees. The FCC staff explained that the new fees will apply only to applications for a new license, renewal, rule waiver, or a new vanity call sign. As previously announced, the new fees take effect on April 19, 2022. Read More @ ARRL


WOW, it’s now April!!! What have you done so far this year with ham radio? Let us know and if you can write about a project you’re working on or a ham radio experi-ence you’ve had, we can put it in the newsletter and the W5IAS website for others to read. Here’s what you missed at the March club meeting… At the last club meeting I asked for a discussion about prorating member-ship dues, which fall on April 1. The proposal placed before the members was that anyone joining the club and paying the annual membership fee before October 31st […]

Hamfest Photos!

Going to Hamfest on 4.9? Take a picture of yourself at the TARC trailer and send us your photo!!! We want to make a big picture board online of all those club members and any amateur friend that stops by! Send them via email with your call sign and name to webmaster@w5ias.com!